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The No Birdening Edition

Patch Notes (Version
- Shooter segment changes
  - All weapons have been improved in some manner. Chao also now displays the DPS of each weapon in the scan info.
  - Ship focus speed changed to 1/2 speed instead of 1/3 speed.
  - A weapon is no longer lost on the first hit and instead on the third hit. Reacquiring the same weapon will refill the weapon's HP. The HUD has been edited to reflect this change.

- The Strike Chain has a bit more leniency on latching. (Meaning it'll grab from further away.)
  - This was in the previous version and was the change I was monitoring. Everything checks out so it'll stay.

- A few minor level edits for flow purposes. All were pre-Gate 4 edits.

- Fixed some missing collision on a bullet bill launcher in Gate A.

- Fixed some missing damage zones on some spikey vines in Magical Hills. (The map with the Lakitu.)

- A major bug was found that isn't fixed for this version. That being no new birds were added for this patch. This is unpatchable as this patch is one time only and will forever never include an added bird. They will be missed.

This patch focuses mainly on the pew pew segment listed above. More changes may come to it, so it's a start.


Anonymous said...

It's still not too late to pretend that this update didn't exist and go birb some birds in, you know. Nobody's commented on the post yet :p

... oh wait

ZephyrBurst said...

All it'll take is someone to either someone to stumble on a common enough crash bug, some random thing I want in the game now, or another big thing that's been going on since about November to happen. Then... another birdening can occur.

Lar Ways said...

Hey, just want to say that I think you did an awesome job with this game. Beat Achilles Mode about 2 months ago (it took me this long to say this because anxiety sucks), not many games can get me to replay the entire thing all over again after a 60 hour playthrough but I just couldn't stop.
Though when I started Achilles mode it was mostly just "let's see how far I can get before I give up... There's no way I'm gonna beat Death." But then another 70 hours and 7660 deaths later I was on the credits again. (Compared to 1659 deaths in the normal playthrough just for the record.)

So yeah, most fun platformer I've played in years. Looking forward to anything else you do.

Also after beating Achilles Mode, it's painful watching rao just facetank through so much.

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh man, glad you enjoyed it. That would be the second Achilles mode win I've heard of then, yours being the lower death count. (Which when I was watching the other Achilles mode run, we decided to call the 'Fun counter'.)

For the last bit there, Achilles mode changes the way you view the game I've noticed.

LostSoldier20 said...

Are the early chapter changes noticeable? I'm interested in seeing them if they are.

And since that's all I wanted to ask, I'll throw in a pointless comment about Achilles.

I should spend a day continuing my Achilles recording. And I'm pretty sure I've said this many times here and in the Talkhous, but yeah. I super agree on the game view thing.

ZephyrBurst said...

We're talking very minor changes, like a wall being pushed back by 1 tile to give more room for a certain maneuver. I'll throw up a screenshot sometime.

Ilvocare said...

Hey, just finished the shmup segment... and got the bad end, among other things. Two things I wanted to point out/ask.

1. I don't know if it's just me, but eyeballing enemies in the hecticness of the shmup levels to see when they're suckable seems... a bit too much given how soft the color shift is. Is there some way to make that shift clearer to notice? I'm aware that giving the enemies an outline would be too tacky... the ideal situation is to change the injured sprites entirely so that the silouettes visible at a glance are different between "healthy" and "not", but that's hardly practical at this point... I'm just spitballing possible ideas here.

2. Decided to go back to the SF on a whim, and in SF_E near the beginning of the room, the wall on the platform that you start on (to the right) has an odd collision issue. Like, it's not actually there? I'm aware no one would notice it through normal play due to the nature of the room, but coming back to it, it's kinda bizarre. I have a screenshot if you need visual confirmation, if you're unclear what I'm talking about. Once again, it's an incredibly minor thing I found.

Jaimers said...

Yeah these changes make it a lot better.

Some of Chao's new descriptions seem to bleed out of the text box though.
Like for Sticky Bomb and the Spread Shot.

LostSoldier20 said...

So I have no idea how... but I just despawned an entire CHAOS Seeker in CWFJ. In that final area before the boss with 5 of them, I think I hit it with a Diffusion Missile at the exact moment it scrolled off screen. It lost HP and all, but still had a lot left.

I have it recorded if you wanna see it to get a better idea of the cause, or disregard if this is known.

ZephyrBurst said...

Link it, I gotta see this.

LostSoldier20 said...

I... I don't even know. It just vanishes.

LostSoldier20 said...

Found another one. If you "Load Last Save" from the Defective fight into a previous room, the music will be all distorted. It's a travesty.

I also recorded this one.

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah, another thing I missed from that fight. Thanks for the report.

As for the Seeker Bot. Did you run forward to see if it did disappear or if it had somehow prematurely ended its warning phase?

LostSoldier20 said...

That clip is part of my entire run through that room, but I figured showing the rest of that little section would be pointless as by the end of that clip, I've shown it is no longer patrolling and is just... gone. Instead I was able to get to the other square patrol no problem.

LostSoldier20 said...

I rewatched the full clip several more times, and still don't see where the sentry went. Either it somehow sunk through the ground and off screen, or was erased completely. I could attempt to do it again. I think I could replicate it given enough attempts.

And possibly yet another bug! The ghosts in the Displaced Construction Site. You know when you hit an enemy with a missile it stuns their attack animations for a long time? I managed to hit a ghost several times as it was sending out an attack. The flames got stunned, and didn't follow the ghost, and instantly teleported to their proper location once the stun wore off.

I'm unsure if the hitbox also remained out of position, or just the animation. Which either way, can't tell if this was an intended side-effect of the stun. This one is much easier to replicate if need be.