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A Big Update to DT1 & DT2

Yay, finally! I sat on these changes for quite awhile. Here's what has happened to the games.

Changes to Both Versions
- Dash buttons, and the control variants that DT3 allows for the dash.
- Fixed the input bug where your last action would sometimes be repeated when touching the ground immediately after taking damage.
- Note that the dash mechanics for forward and back dashing has changed a bit and is fairly identical for DT1 and DT2 now. They are not the same as DT3 though.

DT1 Changes
- Water Barrier now makes you invulnerable to projectiles, meaning you'll no longer take damage from projectiles that spawned on top of you while the shield is on. (For those trying to mitigate bullet storms via the shield.)
- Soothing Spring now also gives the same 10% damage resistance that Water Barrier does and they stack.
- Various equipment beads were changed, such as the Ribbon Bead making you completely invulnerable to status ailments.
- Spell/Ability costs re-balanced. They should be able to be used more often now.
- Omega Metroid segment isn't so dumb now.
- Shroud Lord hand laser spam spread has been greatly reduced.

DT2 Changes
- Time scores are no longer tracked by seconds and instead by frames. The game will migrate old scores to this new system.
- The Tetris level is no longer randomized! Rejoice!
- Claire has a few frames where she sticks to the wall when pressing away from it. This will help out a lot when trying to jump away from the wall.
- Wall jump/dash mechanics have also been tweaked. Such as pressing away from the wall will give a somewhat different jump than pressing toward the wall when jumping off of one.

The download links have been updated on each game's page. If you already have the games, that page also has an exe-only link again. If not, here's DT1 and DT2!

Note that if you're going to download just the exe for DT1 and DT2, that the games do have the color pulse sounds from DT3. If you've got that game, just copy DT_ColorPulseA.wav and DT_ColorPulseB.wav from the DT3 sound folder and copy it to the previous games. Quicker download if that matters to you.


Ilvocare said...


I might actually replay the whole series either as LPs or as chunks of stream-time. All of this is fucking phenomenal!

Also you should probably fix the message: "- The input bug where your last action would sometimes be repeated when touching the ground immediately after taking damage." Add like, 'has been fixed' or 'is gone' or something like that.

LostSoldier20 said...

I am tempted to go back and play DT1 again but... I don't remember an unlocked Achilles mode of any kind for me to suffer through.

ZephyrBurst said...

Ilvocare, it is time I sleep, it seems.

LostSoldier, that is madness. Especially since DT1 wasn't designed in the same way DT3 was with it accounting for no-hit runs.

LostSoldier20 said...

Who ever said I was sane? Though, I guess design mentalities does put a damper on the prospect. Still insane enough to try, though.

Also, lemme just do a random vent here: Curse the gold time for Kamek. That's REALLY what you have to do?! But that's so precise for no reason!

NegativeZeroZ said...

What you can do is use DT1's debug menu to change your max life to 1.

Press Enter in any save room. The password is cheesecake.

LostSoldier20 said...

Mistakes will be made in due time. Thank you.

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah yeah, that gives you access to the right click menu. You'll have to periodically set your HP back to 1 again since leveling up and heart pieces (if you grab those) will give you more HP.

Herbethe said...

Hey Zephyr, can I skip the cutscenes in the first game?

ZephyrBurst said...

No, that wasn't a thing till DT2, and I didn't add that in while making these changes.

Kurtis Haren said...

Just played through the first few levels again. The changes are pretty nice, although it's going to take me a bit to get re-acquainted with the controls.

If you trigger a Dash from a standing position, is it supposed to be a little tiny hop, or the full-length Dash? I had a couple situations in the tutorial area where I meant to line up for a Dash to a ledge, and only made a little piddling hop. I only got the full distance when I dashed while actively running. Since I usually have the middle three fingers of my left hand resting on ASD, that meant that a running Dash required me to rotate my entire hand to reach E, since this keyboard doesn't seem to like pressing run, up, and jump at the same time and gives me spotty results.

No big deal, I can always just set up my controller again. I don't mind having to deal with the menu to change elements, or reaching for the keyboard for quick swaps. I just wanted to ask about the standing Dash jump length to make sure it wasn't a bug or if it was just another part of me having to get re-used to the controls.

Herbethe said...

I defeated the Hideout boss so fast that I didn't even saw the double cyclone attack, because I wanted to see if I could dodge them with the new backdash...

Herbethe said...

Hey Zephyr, fix this!!!

ZephyrBurst said...

I broke that challenge when removing the RNG from the Tetris level.

Anonymous said...

are birds included in DT1 and DT2 updates?

this is important info when considering replaying them

ZephyrBurst said...

Sadly the birdmageddon did not happen in those updates.