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DT3 Anniversary

As stated on Twitter, the update is not ready yet, for many reasons. Probably the biggest reason is it doesn't have my full attention right now.

I've been thinking of what to do and I think a late night stream (since I get off work late) where I play a game... not sure which yet, and do a Q&A of sorts. Where you guys can ask me anything and I hope I can remember everything enough to answer.

Wow, what a lackluster post this is. Perhaps I'll give out a screenshot showing a new thing in the patch... ON THE STREAM!! I can at least confirm that it's almost done, I just need to give it more of my focus. You'll know when the patch is soon since I'll have a tweet about it in the coming weeks.

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Ilvocare said...

Can't wait! Also I hope I can actually make it. Because... hurricanes.