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Patching Some Things In DT3


  • Elpizo can only place 1 shield down now.
  • More birds... always more birds.
  • Double jump removed from WhattayaBrian's Bubble Tower - B Side map.
  • If the second super boss is beaten, a new door opens in Bubble Tower - B Side. (It's a silly door that opens and the challenge inside is not meant to be beatable, like a few of the other maps on the lower floor of the B Side.)
  • Resetting bosses in the boss gallery should now always fully restore all ammo.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes thank you so much.
Elpizo was one of my least favourite bosses due to him just being able to completely cut you off like that but this should make him significantly more fun.

P-Star7 said...

Hi ZephyrBurst. Are you planning to make Nintendo fangames in the future? Because I want you to know that they consider them illegal.

ZephyrBurst said...

No, DT3 was the last sprite rip game I would make. I still do updates to it from time to time, but no new games I make will use stolen content.

Isaac said...

Will the DT series ever be updated to work properly on Windows 10? Wanted to try the series after seeing some screenshots on twitter, but the games all run extremely slowly.

ZephyrBurst said...

Unfortunately no, as to fully fix the issue I'd have to port the project into a newer version of Game Maker. The codebase is a bit too expansive for that though luckily there are a few things that Windows 10 users can do.

The Readme file included with the game lists a few common problems:
+Right-click the exe for DT3 and open up its properties. Go to the compatibility tab and set its compatibility to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.

+Turning off V-Sync in the game's settings may also fix this issue.
-Pause the game to open the pause menu.
-Go to Options.
-Set V-Sync off.

+Plugging or unplugging a controller while the game is running may cause it to slow down. If this occurs, restart the game. (In some cases, a computer restart is needed.)

Another that it does not list is placing the game's folder in 'C:\Program Files' or 'C:\Program Files (x86)'
That's not a common one that's needed, but it has helped before.