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When will DT3 be released?
It's out now. Did you look to the right?

Do I need to play the first two games before playing the third?
No, I'll be making sure that the first two don't need to be played to enjoy the final game. The third is the best in the trilogy and I find it would suck for someone who is interested to miss out on the third game because they didn't enjoy the first two and have no interest in playing them further.

There will be an option on the title screen that the player can select that catches them up on relevant story info if that is their thing.

How much will the game cost?
I can't sell it given some of the content and I wouldn't want to sell it anyway, so it's free!

Will there be a Mac or Linux port of the game?
Unfortunately no, there are no plans to port this to other operating systems.

Will there be gamepad support?
Yes! (With an option to turn it off if you'd prefer your proprietary gamepad setup.)

Are there birds in DT3?
Too many to count!


Unknown said...

Please help me
Save my glitched , I can not pass zelda 2 first temple because I arrived at the boss and I gave up finish gate 1 and gate 1 nightmare, and when I came back my bow and arrow were gone

ZephyrBurst said...

Check your email.

Unknown said...

Not that I have anything against Distorted Travesty, I love the franchise.
But have you ever thought of working on a unique project?
For I think you have a lot of talent, and that could work in a great work.
I would be pleased to pay for the game and support you :D

Eu said...

where can i find my save file ?

ZephyrBurst said...

It'll be in the same folder as the exe.
It's an ini file under the name of DT3data.dts

yamamanama said...

It runs in Wine.