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New Demo Before I Leave

Just a quick update, I've posted a new before I leave for California. It has a lot of fixes and some changes in response to the feedback I got. :)

The download links have both been updated! Thanks again for the feedback, it was a lot of help. Still a few issues need to be worked out, but this has a lot of fixes. And a new area too! Has the start of the newest area, you can play around in it a bit, but nothing too much there yet.
(I'm aware the keys hover over enemy health, I'll move that next time.) x_x

Enjoy! :)

Edit: Forgot to mention this, if you want to keep your previous data, move the GameDetails.ini file over to the new demo and you'll have everything you had before. (Thanks for the comment.) :)


CSDragon said...

How do I take my save from my old demo, and put it in the new demo. As much as I love this game, there are some levels that I may not want to have to redo :P

ZephyrBurst said...

Move the GameDetails.ini file over to the new demo. You'll have all your previous data. :)

Slaix said...

Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but you need to up the difficulty on Dragonroot by a LOT.

His only attacks are the leaves, the spore needles, the ground needles, and roaring. For about what is it, the first 2/3 of his HP he only uses one attack at a time? Well, because of how you have the leaves and spores shoot out, if you stand anywhere near Dragonroot himself, you won't get hit at all. The only threatening move is when he roars you away and shoots ground needles at you (Which is easily avoidable if you just air dash properly.), which means he should do no damage to you.

By the time he starts compounding his attacks, sure, he'll start hitting you for a change, but by that time you've done so much damage, and continue to do so in fact, that he can't match the damage you're doing and will die. It only took me two tries. TWO TRIES.

As for the Jungle level itself... Oh my god the bullet bills. I hate the BULLET BILLS!

So yeah... Now I'm at the fort/hideout place. Can't remember its name. So far, it seems to be a pretty decent challenge, although still somewhat easier than the Jungle area.