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On Time This Week

Actually got a decent amount done on the system itself. Lots of little fixes and tweaks to help things go smoother.

Got the rest of the next area completed. Just getting through it isn't too hard, except for one choke area. Trying to get all the pickups requires some finesse though. The boss of the area I wouldn't say is ultra hard or anything, but it'll definitely have you on your toes. It uses a few new things that you haven't seen before. It'll definitely catch you off guard the first time.

Various signs have been placed around the game to serve as little reminders and for random fun.

So this post isn't really about my game, but rather about someone else's game that NEEDS to be mentioned.

Other Games
I took a little break this week and played some other games... well one in particular really.
A game by Daniel Remar called Iji. This link takes you to his site.

It was also made in Game Maker and is very well done. I highly recommend playing this. I've actually played through it twice. The game is level based and linear like a lot of older games. But what you do throughout the game determines how the ending and various things play out in the game. There are consequences for your actions. I actually felt bad about those I killed throughout the game.

You play as a girl named Iji, who wakes up to find that her home (Earth) has been taken by an alien race known as the Tasen. She has been given a protective shield through nanotechnology and must find the Tasen leaders in hopes that she can convince them to leave Earth. I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't say anything else in that regard.

The game is an action-shooter. Eh... you know what, just click the link I provided, it tells you everything there. The game even has a wikipedia page. Definitely made it to the top of my favorite independent games.

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Octagon said...

Yes... Distorted Travesty and Iji both are epic games, although in much different ways.