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Changes Coming Up

With both the game and real life. More so with real life most likely. No worries, it won't affect development of the game. It will, at most, have me disappearing for about 2-3 days, no big deal.

A Little Love
So many bugs have been found, not by me, but by you guys. Thank you again to everyone who has sent me bug reports, every bug found and fixed makes this a better game.

I also want to thank everyone who has reported and talked about their experience with the game. What you liked, what you disliked. It has helped incredibly and shapes the way the rest of the game pans out, not to mention the rebalancing of existing content.

And one more shout out to everyone who has been following this project since the beginning. The game wouldn't be the same without you. :) And to those of you who have even played it on multiple difficulties. Lots of love goes out to you guys that have played/attempted it on Hard.

Game Changes/Fixes

- Finally made it more distinguishable if you are choosing New Game or continuing from a Saved Game at the title screen.
- The first map of Distortion 1 has been split into 2 maps. The content is roughly the same with some minor edits for the seam where the 2 maps meet. This has killed the lag there completely.
- Earth Shift's casting time has been decreased by 25%. (This is the only change to spells and knockback this time, yay that means I'm finding a good balance for it all.)
- Fixed lag a bit overall even more. Realized I had over 100 sprites being preloaded in. >_<

A Change in Music
Actually it's not a change in what music I'm using. (Although some minor changes have been made.) I will be changing the way music is loaded into the game. This will speed up the loading time (when external resources are loaded in) and also kill off even more lag. (Probably quite a bit.) I will be testing this thoroughly before releasing a change like that though. Compatibility won't be issue or anything like that. I just don't want any crash bugs slipping in. Always looking for ways to make the system more efficient and I've found this. :)

New Levels
Well of course there will be new levels! The Hideout will be finished, along with the area after it. Which is quite a treat. Didn't do as much as I probably could have with the idea, but it will still be enjoyable. The best part is the boss, at least to me anyway. You'll die many times, but you'll die laughing as well. Slaix had his hand in the creation of this one. (I really wish I could've implemented that idea with the background that you had (I know you'll read this) <- parenthesis inside of parenthesis, I really wanted it in there.)

Next up would be those Megaman levels, which I know will be a blast. I won't spoil who I'm using since I've already spoiled when it's coming up in the game. I'll throw in a few of my own surprises at you of course.

Another level that some of you will enjoy and some will go "Noooooooooooooo WHY?!" is another optional level. And of course with my theme of making it brutal. It will actually be accessible after the Jungle level, so if you finished the demo, then you will have access to it right away upon the release of the next demo. It will probably be 3 maps instead of the usual 2, but they will be much smaller maps.

And a thing that I really should have been doing the whole time is marking the end of the demo WITHIN the demo itself! Wow, that should've been an obvious thing the whole time. When the next demo will be out I don't know quite yet, but I'll keep you all posted. RAWR and later for now.

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CSDragon said...

Posted at 12:55 AM? Get some sleep man!

Ah just messing around. Can't wait until the next demo comes out.

Oddly enough, I'm actualy sad that the lag in Distortion 1 is gone, because it helped me survive. :P

Hmm... well I don't really have else anything to say. Keep up the good work.

(Yeah, I'll probably be one of the ones who say "Noooooooo WHY?!"