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Late Post is... nevermind

That joke is only funny for so long. Old jokes are ol... GAH, I keep doing it. Repetitive jokes are... NO!! Okay I'll stop. Been busy but not busy, but busy at the same time. Been enjoying it at my new home. But let's see, new game stuff...

Stuff on the Game
The Hideout area is done. Now I'm working on a few new systems and the next area which I will not reveal. Going to keep this one a surprise, it will be quite the humorous level though. It's the next Distortion level. The difficulty won't be too high for this one, but like I said, there will be plenty of laughs. You are all VERY familiar with what it is. In fact, every single person who reads this will have shared the experience with the theme this level has at some point in their lives... probably this exact moment... But I won't give anymore away.

Level Suggestion From You the Player
If you've been reading the comments from the previous post, then you know for sure now that there will indeed be a Megaman themed stage and it is coming up very close. I will keep as close to the Megaman style as much as possible. 1 hit kill spikes most notably, Megaman boss intro, and of course some sort of Megaman boss. Now I haven't gotten the tiles yet for this stage, and I haven't decided which Megaman stage to go with.

So now I ask all of you who read this, for input, which Megaman stage would you like me to use? I can use more than one too and split the stage into parts as well. The boss doesn't necessarily have to go with the stage, you guys can suggest a boss... or two as well.

I could possibly do a few (shorter) stages and have it set up a bit more like Megaman in that you have a choice of different levels to choose from. I'm taking suggestions for this section hasn't been set in stone yet. Leave your suggestion here, on the RRR thread (if that's where you came from) or email me.

Also, I'll be making an extra level based on Megaman of course! This can use a completely different Megaman theme as well. This level will open up once the story related stage is completed.


Slaix said...

How about you create the area like a hub (Designed exactly like the Megaman level select) and set it up so you can go to four different areas by jumping from room to room? At the end of each area will be a little mini-boss (Meaning don't make them too tough, for all of our sakes). Or, just make it so the end of the level has a switch + portal back to the hub.

After you kill all four mini-bosses (or hit the switches), a fifth door opens up and you go through there to fight the true boss. It's a nice way to keep the Megaman spirit in the game while you can throw in your own devious touches.

As for which Megaman bosses, I dunno. I'll leave that up to you. XD

OH! But this idea came to me just before I typed this out, and therefore probably really haphazard, but how about each boss be themed around the four elements and give you your fourth level magic. It's probably a little soon, since you got the last spells from the train but I dunno. It'll be up to you to decide, I guess.

ZephyrBurst said...

I really like that, I'm going to go with that hub idea. And definitely going to go with 4 levels and a miniboss. :)

As for them giving you your next level magic. It shouldn't be a problem. The train will be roughly 3 areas before this. It would be good to have a new set just before the Black Rock Fortress. :3 Which will come up afterwards. You don't wanna know the horrors I'm going to use with that. >_>

CSDragon said...

Drat, late to the party. I was gonna suggest Airman just because of the song "I can't defeat Airman"

ZephyrBurst said...

I'm still taking suggestions. I have an entire area still to finish. (It's getting close to being finished though. (Slowly cause of life.))

Gotta love that Airman is unbeatable. (Even more so if he was maybe accompanied by someone.) :3

CSDragon said...

In truth, Airman was pathetically easy for me, but a lot of people have trouble with him. That'd make for a good exchange between Jerry and Jeremy, at least. One found him easy, the other could never beat him.

At a minimum you'll make some otaku laugh. :P