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Edit: (Feb. 22, 2010) Released a little patch. You'll see a lot of new stuff on the map. The only 'real' new area is the new extra stage. Remember, Black Rock must be completed for it to be unlocked. Got a new little system for myself for making the transition from my editing version to the playable one. (Just gotta remember to turn my debug menu off) It is attainable in game now. Press enter in the Data Center and you will see a little window pop up. Don't try to guess the password. Even if you did get the password right, (it will let you know) you wouldn't know how to use it. :P Also, don't be alarmed at the title screen. The new extra level is a little different, it actually has a save point.

Edit: (Feb. 20, 2010) New option under Options called "Show Elemental Glow". It will give you a little colored glow that shows what element is active. It is defaulted to off. The reasoning for this option is it makes it easy to see which element is active (or if one is active at all) without having to glance at the top-right corner. I personally playtest with it off, it could be useful to some people or if you just want a glow following you at all times, there you go.

I noticed a comment by a spambot which posted tons of links to 'not porn' sites. First time that has happened and doubt it will be an issue, but I will be deleting them as they show up. If they for some reason start showing up in mass quantities, I will set comments to only show when I approve them. (Doubt it though) Don't really want that stuff around here.

My inability to create a creative title for the post has once again crushed me... as you can see. Singles Awareness Day, Cheap Candy Day, whatever you want to call it is long gone. So I guess it's time to stop giving you guys my love the way you got to see it in Black Rock.

Played more Touhou... >_< This time tried the 7th game (Perfect Cherry Blossom) and wow was it extremely... eh... easy. When compared to the madness of the 11th game (Subterranean Animism), this one was easy. I had an almost perfect run through it my first try, but didn't save the replay. Bleh for not having it translated and not knowing which option was "Yes" when it asked to save the replay. (It usually has it labeled in English anyway though) o_O Gonna try Touhou 6 out next. It seems to be the most popular among the fans. What is it about vampires...?

If you've ever wondered if Distorted Travesty will have a bullet hell/shooter style level... maybe. Though I would be very lenient with it as it is a completely different style game. It's easy enough to adapt other styles to Distorted Travesty and still keep it in a platformer set up. Zelda for example can be translated to it fairly well. (And will.) <- Spoilers! But shooters not so much, although the bosses send off enough projectiles at you now to be able to put a danmaku tag on the game. :P (All of THFG's late game bosses did pretty much that)

Speaks for itself... (Yeah, that's what it looks like on Distorted)

Game Stuff
I'll be posting 9.2 sometime soon, fixes those issues that came up. Gene still being there after the battle with him, stuff like that.

Moved the 2 edits from the previous post to this one. (With some minor edits to fit this post.)

There will be an extra stage for you in 9.2. Black Rock must be completed to gain access.

New Skills
5 new skills were added:
Sharpen Lv.3        - 2% bonus to physical attacks
Iron Body Lv.3      - 2% resistance to physical attacks
Free Spirit Lv.3     - 2% resistance to spirit attacks
Protection Lv.1     - Decreases effect time of Poison by 25%
Protection Lv.2     - Decreases effect time of Spirit Lock by 25%

The IEF building map icon has been moved just north of Donut Plains. Something else will be placed there. Also don't be surprised if you one day suddenly see a different map. The one I'm using is from another game and is merely a placeholder. The map icons will not change locations though.

Easy Mode "Safety Nets"
These were already in easy mode, but the graphic has been changed and are slightly more frequent now. They're so happy now and gives others another reason to make fun of you if you play on easy mode. :P

Easy Mode

Distorted Mode

As for what's in store, I'm going to leave all that for you to find out. It's better as a surprise anyway. I'd have a lot more done, but one of my roommate's brother is in town and staying with us for the week, so we've been all hanging out. (Mostly making fun of what's on TV and watching the winter olympics.) o_O

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