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Well it is! Create your own subtitle for it in your head. :P

Edit: (Feb. 10, 2010) The fire spell 'Inferno' cost has been fixed. The Spirit and Elemental energy costs were swapped. It showed it right in the menu, but it was reversed when it was used.
I might actually be done before Valentine's Day, I'm not sure if I'll release it early or not yet. The lines of code causing the lag have been fixed, though a bit remains when I stress my computer. (No lag if my RAM isn't being used by lots of other things.) I'll be slightly reworking the 3 maps where these lag problems are happening.
Oh yeah, the poll was changed to include everyone, not just those that completed the latest demo. I bumped the released date forward to the 13th... or is that back? o_O Would rather release it in the middle of the weekend, still might see it on Friday the 12th though.

Edit: (Feb. 09, 2010) In the next update, you'll see a minor cosmetic change with some of the boss' health meters. The HP counts have not changed for those that have this change. It is merely to make things look scarier than they are. :P
All that is left is the boss of the Black Rock Fortress, then the demo will be released. I am also reworking some of the object code in the place as there are some lag issues with some things. Using a few commands that are taking a lot of processing time in the step event, so I need to make some changes to speed things up.

Game Changes
The update posted today has some minor fixes. Has the updated collision system. (You won't feel a difference though) A few bosses have been slightly altered and fixed.

Dark Mind
It was brought to my attention by Slaix that he was creating unfair attack combos. I checked the code and it was completely random on what he does.

Quick Time Distorter
There was a bug when crippling it with Wind and Earth, it can now be crippled (the proper way) with those elements. Pretty bad mistake to make when crippling it is practically the only way to beat it on anything harder than Normal.
Megaman Fortress Boss
He has been slightly nerfed. Lowered it's massive HP count by 1000. But that's not the big thing. It was shooting off those bombs it sends into the air nearly twice as fast as it was supposed to. Got 2 numbers mixed up there. It was creating very bad scenarios for anything higher than Normal... even on Normal, it was harder than what I wanted.

Megaman Fortress Boss 2 (No spoilers)
Slowed down his reaction times on all difficulties by 1/5 of a second and again, lowered his HP by 500. You will still have a hell of a time with him on Distorted.

Game Stuff
The Black Rock Fortress is almost done. I will be out of town for a couple days, but the hopeful release date has been posted. Give or take a day on that. I could possibly have it finished and test before that date. The hopeful date is Valentine's Day, I can show you all my love for you by giving you the hardest area of the game, much harder than any of the extra levels. I always have the mid game dungeon and especially boss fight rather tough. I am very nice with some aspects of Black Rock, giving you a shop inside and check point doors. If you get to them, you can exit the dungeon and come back in where you left off. The dungeon is long and you will probably be pulling your hair out and biting your nails off by the time you even get past the first boss fight in there. (There's more than one) Once you do beat that first boss, it gets much more hectic. :P Good luck, and it's almost here!

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