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No Changes To Water Barrier

Edit: (October 11, 2010) GDC is over and was tons of fun. Not quite as good overall as other years, but had more fun than any other year with the night parties.

Edit: (October 1, 2010) Newest version ( is out now. The content said below is available now. A change was made to the Distortion 2 boss. The room is a bit taller so you don't bump your head at the top. During its bullet storm, Jeremy will warn you a second before it changes direction. This will be the last update for awhile unless someone finds a major bug. Enjoy the game. :)

I will not be around next week as it will be the week of GDC, but that's next week... Sometime this week I will be releasing the not-really-final version of the game. It will have the finished up ending as well as a ranking at the end. The rank you get is determined by a few things such as death count and the rest you'll have to see. The rank only affects one thing at the end and you don't need a very high rank to "unlock" what it is. I like unlockables, but at the same time, I don't. If this were a much shorter game, I would put in more of these types of things. The ranking (and extra scene) is after the credits, so be sure to stay for them. Once the game returns you to the title screen, your save file will be flagged as having completed the game. Keep that file since, at a later date, I MIGHT release a bonus dungeon that is unlocked after the game is completed.

Other than that, the changes are quite unnoticeable.
I may post some pics from GDC.

Hmm, this post is too short and I don't seem to have much else to say right now... (This is why I should write down the things I want to say here since I tend to forget half of what was going to be said.)

Well I'm on the 5th generation of Agarest War, suddenly the difficulty spiked up. I figured I had overpowered my characters in the previous generation, but apparently the developers knew that would happen. That's okay, I just reoverpowered them, so I'll see how that works out for me. (Had my first loss on this generation aside from a really cheap death that happened early on in the game.) Oh yeah, to gauge how long this game is, one generation will take, on average, just as long or longer than it does to get through all of Distorted Travesty. (Well I did it in 12 hours.) Here's a screenshot of my stat window after playing all the way through the beta. Item % is 99, I missed 3 items.


linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

hey, again, could i ask a question? well here it goes, could I say on my game something like "ok, it's time to kick a... wait, that's not my said"(kick ass as jerry sez) xD, just cuz people ovbiusly knows ur game more than mine, and ur game is COOL :D, coud I?

ZephyrBurst said...

Go right ahead. :)

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

thx, i'll give u credit

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

hey, finally completed ur game, u just need to do the extra stuff (that u already said) n u'll b famous :D , i give u a 100% ranking, gd work man, n keep it up.
by the way, I agree with the end of gamers that saves worlds :) , and, i kind of laughed at the credit, cuz said of "game diesing", story : u, script: u, design: u, etc: u, xD

ZephyrBurst said...

Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Did you have the version that ranks you after the credits? If so, I'm curious what rank you got.

The extra content may or may not be put in. I'm leaning on -no- for an extra dungeon right now. It could change though.

Jaffe said...

If you do decide to put in an extra dungeon i had a really evil idea for what to do. add in color safe zone for the spinners, but have them change based on your element (but not necessarily be the same color as your element), and then combine that with the color walls that u can only go through if a certain element is active

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

hem... it didnt game me rank :/ , well, maybe it did, but maybe I didnt saw it xD , I record I have an "Ungraded" xD

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

hey, if u r going to make an extra dungeon, make sure it have a boss :D , it could b great, or maybe, u can put plenty of bosses :P , about 10 bosses per room xD (just kidding, bout 1 per room(if u do bosses room)), and at least, a very powerful that is almost invincible :D , that could b kind of interesting xD