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Edit: (January 18, 2011) It's been awhile since I've said anything here. I'm still alive and well. The surprise is still in the works, very slowly. I will not release or say what it is publically until it is done.

Edit: (December 29, 2010) Between work demanding more time, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Christmas, and other misc. things and excuses, the surprise mentioned in the previous post will be released in January... or later. Another excuse is some of my time is being spent in XNA as well.

I hate them and everything they stand for, they are a shit stain smeared upon gaming. That said, I don't hate all achievements, just 99% of them. Things like "You beat Level x", that's not an achievement in the game, you were going to do that anyway. I also don't like grind achievements such as "play this setting 10000 times". This is just my opinion of them though. I don't mind the "Game Cleared" ones. I like the achievements that are more secondary such as clearing it in a certain amount of time or doing things a certain way. Distorted Travesty will NOT have achievements, but if it did, here are a few that it would have:

- Most bosses would have a time limit achievement attached. (Example: Beat the Shroud Lord in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds.)
- Complete the game on Distorted Mode.
- Get 100% items.
- Complete the game while you're still level 1. (It can be done.) (Or maybe not do this, but have an achievement called "404: Achievement Not Found") Basically beating any boss at 4:04 AM. :P (OkageSK idea)
- Defeat all enemies on the train elevator.
- Crush a Goomba, Mario style.
- "1-hit kill" 3 enemies with 1 jump attack.
- Beat the Metallicardian without ever landing on the top platform.


Unknown said...

What if the game knew some achievements were shit and treated them as such? If it doesn't give you that many (or any) achievement points, then what's wrong with including so many achievements? Even for the grinding achievements, they could mirror the worthlessness of the grind by not assigning it many (if any) points. It'd just be for the bragging rights anyway.

If the achievements aren't worth much or any points, why can't achievements be abundant and translate as a dirt-easy way for a player to describe "how far they've played / what they have done" in the game? For example, if you want to ask someone how far they've gotten in the game, they could name an achievement instead of describing what just happened in the game. If they could do that, then they run a lower risk of spoiling the game if they've gotten farther.

PROGUY said...

Hey there. Here's a glitch I found in the Windy Slopes.

I'm not sure if everyone else have gotten past this without a problem, but...
That's me entering the plane, okay nothing special here.
Options screen. I should increase the difficulty some time later.
That's what happens when I selected "Start Mission". I clicked ignore a lot of times and it won't go away. Oh, and the error above it is received when you start to encounter Shrouds. That message lasts after a few "Ignore"s.

Santa Link said...

Merry Christmas Yoshi! You're my favorite game developer!

ZephyrBurst said...

Thanks Santa, that makes me feel warm inside. :) Like Christmas-y warm. I'm attempting to think of something witty, but it seems clever comments eludes me at this time. I blame the cold weather, the delicious ham I ate, and it being 4:04 AM at the time of typing this.

Proguy, the problem there is your graphics card isn't able to process GM's surfaces. I use them for certain effects in the game, such as when the Shrouds show up, as well as a level later, and the shooter level you're on.
On my end, I can fix this issue by having a no surface use version, (or maybe even a setting for it, which I should do.) You might be able to fix it by updating your graphics drivers for your video card. I don't know what cards support surfaces, but I know anything made within the last few years should have no issues. This isn't the first time this has been a problem. :(
I guess I should stop being lazy about it and release a setting for this in-game.

Magino, I agree with the last part you said, though I've never personally seen/heard them used for that purpose. It still doesn't justify normal game progression achievements to me. I understand it serves into things like making players feel better about the game and instant gratification. The other achievements like grind achievements I still don't like that since it's just an extremely cheap way to way over-extend gameplay. I suppose it gives dedicated players something else to do.
I liked some of the achievements with the Perfect Dark remake on 360:

We'll have to talk about this more in irc sometime. I believe you already tried when you commented, but I wasn't around. I wish the game didn't hate your computer, I'm clueless on why it flips out for you, though maybe the game just knows you hate it for throwing insults at you. I know your stance on that aspect for anything. :P I'm honestly surprised I've never gotten hate mail over that.

Jaffe said...

I found an issue with the sound system but then forgot to record what it said... my bad i think it happens just about every time i restarted boss fight on the boss in the middle of the metropolis area (the giant robot that shoots missiles, goo, and bullets at you) i think it had something to do with the fact that I had entered the room at critical health level and that was effecting the sound when it was trying to restart