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Edit: (May 30, 2011) Correction about the screen size. It is 480x352. (Cut out 8 pixels to maintain the grid I had.)

Another meaningless title.
I'm back and I hope everyone had a great week. It was a busy one for me, but I finished the writing for the entire main game sequence. Now I know what the game actually needs and doesn't need. The story is divided up into 21 chapters. Chapter changes are noted on-screen and is usually a mark of a new story direction. The length of each chapter varies, but expect each to average around 45 minutes of gameplay. This puts the game length right around the first DT. It's longer than the first though due to the gate chapters, which there are 7.

The gates are, as stated before, where you get new ability sets, and lock you into the new one until you complete that gate. (Unless you leave, but you can't take the new one with you until you complete the gate.) The first gate starts at chapter 2, and there are usually 1 or 2 chapters between each gate in the main overworld. These usually consist of the characters trying to track down a way to the next gate and solving problems in the main world. There's a fairly lengthy end-game after the 7th gate, this is when you'll have access to the entire game world and all abilities.

The game functions are introduced at a fairly slow rate. You won't be able to swap abilities till chapter 9, and dashing doesn't come into play until chapter 7. It's a good chunk of the game that you won't have the normal DT abilities. However, nearly every chapter changes the way the game is played. This constant change, I think, will assist in keeping things interesting and fun. More game genres will make small appearances, for example, there is a tower defense section. I think I'll hold back any more details.

I'm sure with the chapters idea, some of you are thinking that this could be episodic. I'm really unsure about this. The game world is fairly persistent. I know a save file you guys could keep would work, but as you saw with the first game, there are times when things broke in that due to changes. (I also don't want people to have to do that.) And it's not really set up to be episodic. Aside from the gate chapters, they aren't independent pieces of the game. But hey, if I'm suddenly enlightened and I find a solid way to release the game episodically as it is developed, then I will do so. If not, nothing aside from a demo displaying the first 3 chapters of the game will be released until it is done. (And possibly a small scenario in a later part of the game.)

This is entertaining and no, it's not fan-made.

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