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Short Post & Screen Sizes

I'm far enough along on the system to start actual game content now, though for the purpose of finding more design flaws that slip through on paper, I will not do that yet.

A big design change will probably happen that will affect everything. I will most likely be changing the window size in the game. Right now it is 512x384. (Screen size for DT1 and 2.)
If it is going to be changed, it will be one of the following:
480x360 (Probably what I'm going with) Edit: I changed it to this. It works just right.
All of them work well and provide easy numbers to work with. I'm not sure how often people use the 2x window mode. But due to this change, it will be highlighted more. This change will be made due to design issues I came across in both previous games. I often times had too much screen space to work with. For getting a nice view for bosses, the area was much bigger than I needed 90% of the time. There was often times too much dead space as well. The smaller area will allow me to provide a better visual composition as well. (Which is a big reason for this change.) Level layouts will be better like this too.
Keep in mind, the actual resolution is not changing, just the game window size, which means a smaller view.

I am also going to be away for the week. Going out of town to help out family with some things.

To keep with recent trends I've had. She's waving for me, though it looks more like a hello rather than a goodbye.

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