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The Apocalyptic Year

We have until December till the world ends, so here's to having a great final gaming year. :P

I'm definitely behind a bit on Gate 3 progress, but maybe the less busy January can help that somewhat. February is still my goal for a playable demo... We shall see...

It does have the iconic Dracula fight, which is actually fairly easy as it follows the norm for Dracula. It does have a few DT twists of course, though they are all references to other Castlevania final battles. I predict it won't take any more than 5 tries for 90% of you. Here's some screenshots.

Not even going to explain that one.

This is when things get harder.

Another Game (But it's awesome)
Slaix has been wanting me to play a game called Sequence for the past few weeks so I finally decided to play it this week. I finished it last night and I must say, it was a lot of fun. It's a rhythm-rpg hybrid game where you... well go to the site, there's a video on exactly what that means. Again, this is another game that I highly recommend. The only thing I didn't like about it was it got a bit grindy at times, but once you see how the narrative unfolds, you'll see the brilliance in that aspect of it. Speaking of narrative, it's wonderful. The characters are well written and entertaining, yet believable. It has you wanting to get to the next floor to see what happens next and just what that tower actually is. The beginning of it can feel a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll eventually get yourself coordinated enough to play it. You can remap the keys if needed as well. (I left it on default though.)

If you like Alternate Reality Games (ARG) then you'll be happy to know there's one hidden in this somewhere. (Btw Slaix, I figured it out literally a minute after you left irc yesterday. Wow my initial thought on that was way off. Clever red herrings are... yep.)

So yeah, get the game, it's only $5, I think it's still $2.50 on Steam. You can also pick it up on xbox live.


Blue Link said...

I could have gotten it, but the steam christmas sale took all my money. darn you steam!

ZephyrBurst said...

Put it on your wish list! :D