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Edit: (April 12, 2012) A few issues have come up with the game not starting properly for some people. For some, setting the game's compatibility mode to 32-bit if you're on a 64-bit version of Windows may help. It seems Game Maker games sometimes have problems with 64-bit systems. This 'may' also (in rare occasions) fix the issue where resources are not loading in properly, even on the newest version. I've seen nearly all of the problems come from the West Side Jungle level's background. If the problem persists, I may remove those backgrounds as external sources and embed them into the exe. The only downside is the game takes a bit longer to boot up, but seeing how this issue prevents some people from playing past that point, it's a fair workaround. (That and playtesting to make sure no errors slip through from changing things.) I just wish I knew why some of the resources are being skipped over...

Just a note: I've seen several comments saying people would like to contact me. You can contact me through the email here, PMing me on youtube or the talkhaus, or whatever suits your fancy... as long as it reaches me. I'm a bit slow to respond at times, but I try to address everyone that takes the time to message me.

I've been keeping up with raocow's LP, and I do read the comments, both on youtube and his talkhaus thread. It's roughly (not all) the same type of comments I'm used to, just in a much higher quantity. I do enjoy the comments, whether they are positive or negative, and do take them into consideration when applicable. Periodically I'll sneak in a comment on youtube, but it'll usually be to point out something I found humorous. As for his LP, I rather like his blind, learn as I go, way to playing the game. So far, he knows everything he should by this point. The normal setting allows for that at this point in the game.

So yes, DT3 stuff. I thought about releasing a small update to the demo to include Gate C, but I'm not happy with a certain map. I might scrap it and redo it. It has a nice cat and mouse flow to it that caused the testers to rage, which I'd keep. They liked the rest of the level, but no one really felt that map was well done, so... yeah. That has been done for awhile and I've moved on to finishing the 7th chapter for now. Gonna leave that map alone for the time being.

Also I've heard this game comes out this summer. Lollipop Chainsaw Which is sweet.

Oh yeah, there hasn't been a screenshot in a long while...
Cannons take you places!

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