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Sequential Offsetting

So I heard (or saw rather) that a certain LPer is going to play through DT soon. I'm not much of an LP viewer, but I do check out a few here and there. I've seen some of Pink's, Roahm, and such. From what I can see, raocow does blind runs, and it's pretty cool to have the game picked up by a fairly well known LPer, so things could get interesting. As I said before, I don't view a lot of LPers, I only first heard of raocow about 6 months ago, that should give you an indication of how out of the loop I am as far as that goes.

The blog's look will go back to normal soon. My roommate said I should leave it like this for a week... I don't know if I'm going to keep it up for a week, but we'll see.

No updates or patches for the DT3 demo for now. When Gate C is done, there will be an update. It'll include some other changes based on feedback, so that'll be ready for those that haven't played the demo yet.

The feedback for the demo has been really positive. Even though I try to keep it fairly casual and think of the game as purely a fun little project that I just happen to be sharing with those that may find some fun with it, I still got nervous about releasing it. I figure that's mostly due to giving the third game expectations and being more vocal with the players about it. I'm liking this approach though, it's fun having all this feedback and suggestions. I've learned quite a bit from bouncing ideas back and forth with a few of you guys. (Including the testers, and to be honest, they're my harshest critics, but that's good. They have helped out a ton.) For some reason, I kept thinking the DT3 demo would be torn into very harsh, but that wasn't the case.

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