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Yay! First DT3 Demo is out!

Edit: (March 29, 2012) Here's a patch (Version 1.1) that changes a few things based on feedback for the DT3 demo. For now, it'll just be through dropbox and it's a direct .exe download. Simply put it with the other exe and you're set.

Edit: (March 28, 2012) Based on the responses to the demo, there will be some adjustments released most likely tomorrow. It'll be just the executable for now. It addresses a few issues that people have had. :) Surprisingly, even though it has only been 3 days, no crash bugs reported. (I'm just used to at least 1 crash bug report with big content releases.) I'm glad people have been enjoying it.

The first demo is finally out! The downloads are on the side as always, and are packed in a .rar. I hope you guys enjoy it as much or more than I did making it.

A few notes; The demo ends at the end of Chapter 6, though you may play as much as you want afterwards. There's no notification of it being over, but the end of Chapter 6 (End of Gate 3) is pretty clear. Keep your save data as I will most likely release Chapter 7 in the coming months since it showcases something specific that the earlier chapters don't really touch on, which is gameplay using both characters. That being the bulk of what the game is about. With that said, this will not be as the first game was released, where every major area marked an update, this and the Chapter 7 update will be the only major releases to the game until it is finished. There may be a small enclosed scenario or two that I might release in the future, but that's about it as far as content releases.

Lots of things are subject to change, as this is still pretty early on in the project. Shop prices, enemy spawns, etc...

One last note before I hand you over to the game. This does not use the new method of loading in resources that DT1 now uses. If you suffer from the game crashing at start up due to an uninitialized variable, please let me know as I'll have that changed right away. No one had that loading issue for DT2, (None that were reported anyway) which loaded fairly quick. This loads even faster, so I don't foresee an issue, but yeah... The issue with DT1 was the game skipping over code due to resources loading in too slow, not sure how/why that would happen, but that seemed to be the problem.

Aaaaand... have fun! OH! I seem to have a new window spider! :D


Unknown said...

Forgive me if this is somewhat off topic, but I've been doing a Let's Play of Distorted Travesty on YouTube, and I wanted to ask a couple questions.

1: Do you intend to ever go back and do any more fixes to the game? I noticed that in the tutorial level, the music doesn't seem to loop quite right, and in Toad Town, there's a huge graphical screw-up on the ground beneath the first building you see. It's nothing too important, but I thought it would be something that would be nice to see fixed.

2: Do you know if Slaix (sorry if I misspelled that) is going to finish his playthrough? I originally wanted to watch some of those to figure out how to get past a point I had gotten stuck on before, and they all stop at a point.

Anyways, I absolutely love the game! I haven't played the second one yet, I want to finish the first one before I start any of the sequels. On the bright side, hopefully by the time I catch up and finish DT2, you'll have finished DT3 and I won't have to wait!

ZephyrBurst said...

This is a blog about a game with mixed game graphics and elements, as well as random stuff I post here and there. I question whether or not it's possible to go off topic here... :P

But anyway...

Periodically I go back in and fix things in the first game. At this point, it's usually only big things like crash bugs. (Which are always fixed asap.) But I always list what people find, including stuff like what you mentioned, so when I go to fix those bigger issues, I'll check off a few small ones as well.

The music I'm aware of, but I don't think I'm going to fix music looping issues in the first and second game. (The 3rd game, they'll be fixed up for sure though.)

Slaix is still doing his playthrough, he's at the end I believe. I think it's more the editing process that takes him awhile, but don't quote me on that. He'll finish it though.

And glad you enjoy it. The first one (and second) taught me a lot, and the feedback definitely taught me a lot. And no worries, I'm fairly certain DT3 won't be finished till late 2013.

Unknown said...

Okay. It's great that he's still doing the playthrough. Last time, I got stuck at the point where you have to hit the two switches at the same time, and there's a portal between the two. I know Mental Insurrection should have enough of a delay to do it, I just couldn't get the timing down.

Anyways, I wanted to ask if there's a way to copy or back-up the save files. I had to completely restart the game because my recording software somehow missed the game window. My video ended up recording the right half of the game, and part of my desktop background. Fortunately, I didn't have to replay much, just up to the first Muffin. Still, if this happens again later on, it's going to be a real problem.

ZephyrBurst said...

Yes, that 'GameDetails' ini is your save data. Just make a copy of that. DT looks for the file with that specific name so it won't touch anything else.

Slaix223 said...

I'm intermittently updating, because college is a pain that keeps me busy. I will finish it, that much is certain, I just rarely have time to work on it.