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March Madness

Edit: (March 9, 2012) 2/3 tasks completed. Almost there.

Edit: (March 3, 2012) 1/3 tasks completed.

Spar... So we're getting very very close to the demo. There are 3 tasks left to do. None of which are TOO taxing. March 10th??? Shh, I didn't announce a date. I'm never going to reach that. This week isn't going to allow me much time to work on DT. Then again, strange things have happened before. I definitely didn't expect Gate 3 to take so long to make, but you'll all see why.

I'm hesitant to release too many screenshots right now, as I don't want to give away too many scenarios. I do want to allude to a few things, hmm...
Here's one, take note that this is not on the main story path, this is optional. This map in particular drove my testers nuts.

No dashing for this entire level.

I'll try to reach that date, but I'm not going to rush it. I've seen what happens when I try to rush things out, and unfortunately, so have some of you. Luckily I've never accidentally divided by zero... yet.

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