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Be my Magical Girl

Edit: (March 25, 2012) The demo goes out tomorrow! :D

Edit: (March 21, 2012) The content for the demo is all done. Now the testers and myself are just running through and finding as many problems as we can. A few sound changes are still being made, but that's part of my run through the content, which is almost done. I'm somewhat letting the testers decide when it's done.

Edit: (March 17, 2012) I'm back, much later than I expected. I still need a few days though. Everyone has been really patient, even though I keep pushing the date back.

DT1 has an update. fixes some issues that people may have been having when loading up the game as well as saving due to this loading issue. The game now loads the external resources in before the title screen appears. If you can start the game and save with no issues, skip the update.

My roommate got me a joking V-Day card that says "Happy Valentine's Day" on the top and "Be my Magical Girl" on the bottom. With a pink background, pink hearts, and a weird anime cat thingy...

So anyway, I'll be out of town on Monday - Wednesday. I'm going to guess that I'll have the demo done by next weekend. If so, it's 'only' a month later than I predicted way back. Not too bad I guess, considering it was a slightly random guess. (Plus a bit of me knowing how fast I get things done for DT.)

A Humorous Question
This has been asked on more occasions than one would think... I guess... or not considering how many times this has been asked.
The question being, "Will there be any pony references in DT3?". I'm guessing this is due to my random outbursts to the show on this blog. The answer, good for some, and bad for the rest, is yes and no. There are no ponies or anything like that, there ARE however, a few subtle things. The arrow at the bottom-right of dialogue boxes that signifies that you need to press the confirm key to continue, animates through the colors of Rainbow Dash's tail and mane. The dialogue box colors, or at least the primary color, are also based on the same thing. Jerry still has green for him, Claire has purple, etc. That's as far as any pony references will go. The whole friendship thing between Jerry and Jeremy was in the first game already, which was finished before I even heard about the show. Any 'magic of friendship' lines are purely coincidental.

There's a few things I'd like to say about the demo, but I'll wait till the day it is released so it's all fresh in everyone's mind at the time.

Anyway, I'm gonna get back to it. After I finish this last thing, I'll be polishing up a few things before it is released. Sound... may wait. There's sound in it, but it's about as much as the first game had.


Fool said...

Anime cat thing...? Did it, by any chance, look like this?

ZephyrBurst said...

That's the one.