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Edit: (May 16, 2012) Okay, I have returned!

Edit: (May 11, 2012) Plans changed, now I'll be gone for awhile. Probably till Monday. Have a fun weekend.

Edit: (May 10, 2012) The DT1 update features a retry and return to title screen option from the pause menu, which is something the 2nd and 3rd game have. Because I'm mean it's actually a 'Force Game Over' option. (Same for DT3) But for those that want a quick retry option without having to get themselves beat up or find pit/insta-kill spike, here you go.

Been quiet for awhile. Chapter 7 is finished now. (Mostly) Once I'm happy with it, I'll have the demo updated and that will be the end of the DT3 playable demos until the game is done.

Some time later this week, I will be away for a few days. If you notice it taking a long time for me to respond to anything, that will be the reason. I typically don't check this or my email when I'm out of town, whether it's for work or personal reasons. Aside from a work related email, internet becomes non-existent for me.

Anyway, something I should've done a long time ago, something Slaix has asked before, as well as others, is getting a credits page for the music files. It's all in the F1 popup as well as the end credits, but the individual tracks are not listed.

Found here.
It will be added to the game's download in any future releases. At the top are 5 entries that I can't seem to remember or find where it came from. The tracks are listed by the filename in the music folder. If anyone knows where any of those come from, send me an email. (If it's remixed, link me to who did it.) :3
Oh yes, you'll notice entries like 'Black Rock Fortress' are missing the artist. If you know that, go ahead and email me about that as well. As for original artists for remixes, I'll get to adding that in sometime too.

The Spire is one that I'm totally clueless on, but I know I've heard it in a game somewhere. Eventually raocow's LP will be up to that point, which I'm sure a youtube comment will allude to what it is...

Okay fixed that, image!

I think it looks nice.


Sephiko said...

Veiled Detritus's music is [Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Jupiter Lighthouse]

Mario Fortress's music is [Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Castle/ Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/SMB3)]

Sephiko said...

Escape's music is [Metroid: Zero Mission - Escape]

Sephiko said...

World Map's music is [Kirby Super Star - Dyna Blade Map]