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Lots of Lets Plays

For once, the post title has something to do with the subject matter. So last time, I said I was going to talk a bit about another MMX ability in this post, but that will in fact be next post.

I've noticed quite a few Lets Plays of DT1 running about the youtubes, so I'd like to list them here. At least of the ones I know of and have found, and there may be others. There's much more than I ever thought this game would have. Just a note, I've seen bits and pieces of these, but I do not watch everything. A few of these have only a small handful of parts, but will be listed anyway. Here we go, in alphabetical order by youtube username, all linked to the first part of each LP.

AmatsuDarkfyre (Veteran) Cancelled
Compushwa (Distorted) Cancelled
DieHammerbrueder (Veteran)
hoginufc (Beginner)
kurtisharen (Beginner) Cancelled
LudorExperiens (Distorted) Cancelled
raocow (Veteran)
slaix223 (Hardcare)
TheCandos (Beginner) Cancelled
WhattayaBrian (Distorted)

As you can see, there's an LP for every setting as well. Why anyone would want to play this game on Distorted is beyond me though. On Hard, those Sentries in the last level require a lot of precision and understanding of the spells that no one seems to use, Distorted bumps that up even more... Rave Mode aside.

DT3 Stuff
Last time, I also mentioned how the bike's boost works. That was a lie. The bike boosts only as long as the player is holding the boost button. This way the player has more control over when and how long they want to use it. It doesn't auto-charge, the pickups are what charge it up. Slaix had a thing to say about the previous way the booster was handled and said it was dumb, which hurt my feelings and made me cry, and then he punched me and threatened me with more physical violence if I didn't change it. Actually quite a bit of that isn't true, but he did instigate the change and had a huge hand in how this works now, which I prefer this way, so yay.


WhattayaBrian said...

Well, now it's a race.


(Also slaix plays the enigmatic "hardcare" difficulty.)

I will say this, though. Significantly easier the third time through. Like, by an excruciating amount. I feel like I'm really understanding the game, and taking advantage of the stupidly strong assortment of tools you're given.

I just got to Distortion 2, and every boss has been cakewalk except for Flame Instigator.

He's dumb.


WhattayaBrian said...

Oh, also...

Do any of the three megaman bosses have Cripple points? They just show up as "?????", whereas other bosses show "None" for their Cripple point.

ZephyrBurst said...

Those two bosses that show '?????' for a cripple point simply didn't have a cripple point manually set, the '?????' is the default if none is given, I just forgot to override that with those two. Not sure why the default is set to '?????' and not 'None'. Another one of those times where I'm wondering wtf I was doing or thinking when making that game.

Shade said...

> "Why anyone would want to play this game on Distorted is beyond me though."

Clearly, they're all trying to S-rank the game!
(Hey, I only failed two ranks. If you're superhuman at not taking damage in addition to what I did, it may actually be possible. Somewhat.)

Or maybe it's for the same reason people play Touhou on Lunatic.

Also, pride.

Anonymous said...

Hi ive been playing your dt3 demo game and i have to say its pretty much better than the first game in every way since it removed all the extra complicated stuff a platformer doesn't really need. I found some bugs too but can't be bothered sending an actual email so I'm listing them here instead

1. the dude in the shop in the mario world area doesnt actually give you a free healing potion, he lies.

2. i saved in one of the encounter maps in the zelda 2 area, closed game & came back to this error message:
EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room rLink2_EnDesert
Error in code at line 3:
if global.zEncZone=2
at position 12: Unknown variable zEncZone

EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room rLink2_EnDesert
Error in code at line 3:
if global.zEncZone=2
at position 12: Unknown variable zEncZone

possible to skip it with ignore but the music gets annihilated


ZephyrBurst said...

The shop thing is a bit finicky, you can't have gone to the Bullet map or it won't work. But I'll get on making sure there isn't some other issue there, or making the dialogue clearer.

As for the other bug, I'll get on that right away. Actually in a later patch (not yet released, or at least the final game anyway), saving will be disallowed in Encounter maps, but you'll be able to save on the world map itself.

Anonymous said...

Quick suggestion: could you put teleporters in Gate C? I think you accidentally made it a point of no return after clearing the first room, because in the second room, you cannot head left to go back to the first room, nor are there teleporters to head back outside the gate. You're stuck there. :(

ZephyrBurst said...

Open the Progress submenu. There's a teleport option in there now instead of the portals. I probably shouldn't have put that into this version since anyone that played the 1.0 demo didn't have that and wouldn't have it explained.

I'll add this to the next blog post.

Kurtis Haren said...

I noticed that you put my LP on your list. You might want to either remove it or put a note saying that it's probably not going to be finished.

You see, every time I've tried recording something with my computer, I get incredibly horrible audio de-sync problems. I actually got complaints about some of my videos about it, and I can't figure out how to fix it.

Because of this, I originally just planned on putting my LP on hold until I could figure out what to do, but I got impatient and played through it by myself. (I kept the LP save file, just in case) Now that I've finished the game, and have already started the second, I'm not entirely sure I want to go back to doing DT again. I had chosen the game because at the time when I had started, there hadn't been any LPs of the game other than Slaix's, which I had thought he had canceled. Since raocow and all these other people started doing LPs of it, the game's gotten a lot more exposure, it seems, and there doesn't seem to be much point in me doing it anymore.

Anyways, you did a couple videos on the game while you were developing it, and I'm pretty sure some of the people LP-ing the game check your site, so if I may ask, do you or anybody else have any ideas how I can fix my audio issues, whether it be a program I can use to move audio around, or some setting on BB Flashback Express?

Anonymous said...

Yeah TheCandos explained that he wouldn't continue his LP! That was a year ago so I think you do not need to put his name there. Same with LudorExperiens. I would suggest deleting all the names of those who cancelled their project!
As far as I know the only guys who are really doing a FULL playthrough/ LP of DT are:

1.) Slaix
2.) Raocow
3.) DieHammerbrueder
4.) WhattayaBrian
5.) hoginufc

The other names should be cancelled!

ZephyrBurst said...

There are video editing software where you can move the audio track around. I know Camtasia can do it. (Though it isn't free.) You may want to do a google search for video editing software.

The computer I use now doesn't record video all that well and it simply refuses to record PC audio. The mic it'll record, but no one shall be hearing my voice. :P I've been out of video editing for quite some time, but your audio desync can definitely be fixed.

Slaix223 said...

For video editing, I've found that Video Pad Video Editor is great. It's shareware (I.E. not free for the full version), but its free version comes with all the essential tools. You just can't encode in most video formats, which is fine. You still have all the editing capabilities.

Perhaps you should give that a go?