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Snapping Turtle

Edit: (July 16,2012) Slaix commented in the previous post about video editing... In case it was missed.

Slaix223 said...
For video editing, I've found that Video Pad Video Editor is great. It's shareware (I.E. not free for the full version), but its free version comes with all the essential tools. You just can't encode in most video formats, which is fine. You still have all the editing capabilities.

Perhaps you should give that a go?

Before I go into this post being what the previous post was going to be. I'd like to ask if anyone knows about any decent, and free, video editing software. Specifically one that separates the video and audio tracks. If so, leave a comment so various people searching here might see it as well. :3

DT3 Thingie Thing
Back when DT3 started, I knew I wanted hookshot/grapple beam type of thing in the game. Going even further, I knew it would be a Mega Man ability, notably the Strike Chain. For the longest time, it was going to latch on to any solid wall and allow the player to grab the wall for a short period of time. To limit its use, it was going to follow the same rules as the air dash. Hit an enemy or touch the ground to reuse it. Over time, I was realizing that DT3's level designs were simply not going to work with such a free roaming tool. Especially since the player was going to be able to jump off the wall they were grabbing.

The Strike Chain is still present, there was no way I was going to remove this ability, but its use has been altered. I would say scaled back, but I feel that would be incorrect to say.

The extension is longer than that!
He's holding on for dear life.

As the screenshots show, maybe, the ability latches onto specific points now. When the hook end of the chain finds a grapple point, it will pull Jerry toward it and he'll hold onto it indefinitely until the player jumps off, drops down, or takes a bullet to the face. (Or anywhere else.) There's no limit to its use, however when Jerry leaps off a grapple point, it closes itself for 3 seconds. Characters and abilities cannot be swapped while grappled, but Jerry can fire any X-Weapon from it.

Ability Set Pairs
The sets that each character gets share a lot of similarities to each other.
The first one that Jerry and Claire obtain allows them to use a close range melee attack with a few ranged supplemental weapons. The melee being the only true unlimited use ability, where everything else has a slight limitation.

The second set they each get gives them a fast firing, but limited rechargeable ammo, primary weapon. A few extra abilities, and another notable thing about their second set is a mobility/exploration based tool. Jerry's is the Strike Chain, Claire's is... if you've paid attention you'll know already.

The third sets are very different and that's about all I'll be saying about them at this time, other than they are probably the most complicated to use. Mixing the use off all 3 for both characters together will definitely be a thing though. By then, the player will have used each of them alone to understand them and already be very used to swapping out characters and their abilities.


Ryan Huggins said...

I've always wanted to try to code a legit grappling hook. I might try to do that in a game sometime in the future...this post reminded me of my goal. Haha. Good stuff.

WhattayaBrian said...

Can you take a quick look at Necrobane's Cripple logic? Even though it says it's "attack while eye's open, full swing, any physical", I'm pretty sure you only need to do the first two to successfully cripple him.

I just recorded the second half of BRF, and Necrobane is now officially easier than Flame Instigator.

ZephyrBurst said...

The logic itself is as it says. The reason that's happening is Necrobane was made before the change to how damage is dealt. The second hit is triggering the third requirement as well. I think I'll just take out the last part of it for that boss. It's been like that for a long time now.

WhattayaBrian said...

Does that mean that one full swing while its eyes are open should count for all three parts?

ZephyrBurst said...

It might actually.