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I don't know if I confirmed it here or not, but DT2 is getting a rather large content update, which I hope to release by mid September. The update includes a new world with 3 levels altogether. (It became the new World 2 set.) They're not very difficult if you're simply playing through them to get by. Many of the other levels have been touched up some. The final level had even more adjustments. (Actually found a few bugs too.) A few new cutscenes were added in and the existing ones had some minor dialogue changes.

The sand bombs on 3-2A (used to be 2-2A) are being changed.

The cooldown time on Blast Off has been reduced by half a second. Due to the new way energy is handled, that gives it an almost infinite use. Dash energy had a bug with the previous versions. Each hit on an enemy was supposed to give back half a dash point. This has been fixed. The idea behind that was to assist in getting better times.

I'm not really happy with the finale to the game, so the sequence after the Core fight has been expanded on.

If you haven't played DT2 and were planning on it, I recommend holding out till this update comes in. Previous saves will not be compatible, though the game isn't that long. That does wipe scores unfortunately. You're welcome to change the name of the old save file to the new one to see the goofy effects it has on the scoreboard.

Other Stuff
My steam id, for those that have asked, is this.
Though I'm not on too often and I may not play many games. Mostly Borderlands, and definately Borderlands 2 when that is released. I will chat at times though.


Garlyle said...

Oh, cool. Maybe it'll be done by the time I finally get through DT1 on Distorted. if I'll actually manage that?

ano0maly said...

Is it possible to have a simple converter program that reads the DT2save file and makes a new-patch equivalent copy?

I wouldn't mind replaying the new version, though.

ZephyrBurst said...

It's definitely possible and I may try doing that. The issue with that would be the new cutscenes in the middle of the game. Though in that case, it could simply read over the old scores.