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Many more of the birds have figured me out now. One in particular from last week will now fly a good 1/3 of the way across my work area (which is a large area) to reach me. There was one day she followed me around for about 20 minutes, jumping from tree to tree to watch me. When I would stop for a significant amount of time, she would approach me as long as no one else was close by. She also has a younger bird she's taking care of that follows her around, but she won't approach me. She won't run when I come close, but she has little interest in me or the food I throw out unless the mother feeds her directly. (Even though I've seen the younger bird feed herself.) This week though, her young was on her own. Stayed fairly close to the mother, but was no longer mooching off of her. Which, btw, her kid is like 2x her size. I'll get a picture of the two if I remember to bring my camera and if they're both around. Those two aren't around every day.

Stuff About Things


Jerry's new early bomb detonation looks to be staying. After making a few adjustments, it fits in well and makes the bomb much more usable and versatile in combat. The shot above still takes some skill to do and would be impossible with the original method in the demo. Of course, it's very satisfying to pull off as well. The bomb is one of the abilities which had its stun time significantly boosted, and the bomb event boosts its stun time by 1 for every level. (1 of 2 abilities which do so.) The boomerang was originally going to be in the game for Jerry's use, the purpose of course being specifically for stunning. One of Claire's later abilities replaced the boomerang, so it was removed. (Though that ability also has far more uses than just stunning enemies with a base stun of 50.)

This bomb change will also cause the bomb's original detonation time to come back. The bomb originally took 90 frames (3 seconds) to detonate on its own, and was later taken down to 85 frames, as 90 was too long. 5 frames may not seem like a lot, but 1/6 of a second can mean a lot in how DT works. The Flame Instigator is a good example of that. The difference between his down time between attacks on Easy as opposed to Hard is 1/10 of a second. Anyone whose attempted him on both settings knows how much faster the encounter feels on Hard and above. Specifically as the fight moves on, which on harder settings, will adjust him at faster rates. The difference from Easy to Hard by the end of the fight is 1/3 of a second between actions. This doesn't include when he's entering a state where he must react to the player, such as his dive and charge combo, those are fixed times.

With the completion of Gate 4, came the end boss of that area. I wasn't necessarily trying to make it the hardest fight in the game up to that point. (Based on other end gate encounters.) I did compare it to Death's difficulty to the testers, though said it required a different skill set to complete. The general consensus, which came as a surprise, was that he wasn't all that hard, and definitely didn't come close to how rough Death was. The only thing they share is the player must keep up a continual rhythm.

DT Gaining Fans
I haven't done a lot of advertising for DT throughout its life. It was only when DT1 was starting that I posted about it on a gaming forum. The rest is all from fans spreading the fun they've had with it, which to me, is pretty awesome. Slaix found it very early on and shared it with a small group of friends. He was providing a lot of feedback, more than anyone else, and followed the project really close, which led to me sending him updates before anyone else got to see the game. (Other than my roommates.) Slaix has been really good about telling me when something is too hard or too confusing. The Data Segment would have been a lot rougher if it wasn't for his feedback. Lots of early places in DT3 were toned down and made better due to him.

I've found that everything has the potential to be significant. For example, the lead up to raocow finding out about the game, which grew the game's following quite a bit. I'm not sure how Hadriex found DT, but he was the start of a chain I saw. Way back in September last year, he made a review of DT1 and a trailer of both DT1 and DT2, then posted them on Fusion Fan Gaming. From there, Slit08 found the game and recommended it to raocow, then we were off. Slit08 expressed a lot of interest in the project, so he went on to be a tester for DT3. He's definitely got a lot of excitement for it and provides a lot of suggestions. He's really good at finding graphical errors and telling me when something looks bad. While I wanted DT3 to look much better than the others and put more effort into that aspect, Slit08 is a big reason many areas are better than they would have been.

Every time I ask someone if they think achievements would be okay in DT3, the answer has always been "NO!", well usually.

Luckily this isn't happening.


Kurtis Haren said...

I kind of think achievements would be fun for a game like this. I mean, as long as they're well thought out and designed (not something dumb like "beat every boss with only the weakest weapon" or "survive a 10-minute battle against XXX and win with only 1 HP left", then they could be fun to do.

Of course, having simple and stupid achievements as well (such as in the screenshot) would be wonderful as well. Why? I just want to see Jerry and Jeremy mock them horribly, to be honest.

NegativeZeroZ said...

It could be pretty funny if there was a small section of the game dedicated to making fun of stupid achievements, kind of like the quick time events in DT1. Not real achievements, but more like scripted events meant to mess with the player, and yes, be mocked by Jerry and Jeremy. If the general consensus on having actual achievements is "NO," then making fun of them instead might be more favorable? Just my twopence.

Anonymous said...

What's up wuth these strange white fields in the screenshot of Gate D? O_o Are they a graphical glitch or are they intentional?

Well as long as they do not reverse the controls! :D There's not a single stupid gimmick in any game as reversing left and right controls. xD

ano0maly said...

Yay, the bomb's going to be easier to use!

By the way, I've written in talkhaus some feedback about the game up to this point. Be aware, they're really long. I don't recommend trying to read through it all in one sitting.

ZephyrBurst said...

I've been writing down moments in the game where I feel a legit 'achievement' would be pretty nifty. Some of them being pretty vague, such as getting Jeremy to tell you to stop cheating. Which is more a scripted event in the game. This is a thing btw, there's a part in Chapter 1 where you can cheat the game by abusing how it works. Of course I fixed the bug, but instead of fixing it, I left it in and had the game fix it. (If you trigger it, Jeremy will say something during a cutscene in the map you 'cheat' the game in, and the above sentence will make sense.)
There's other subtle things like getting Jerry or Claire completely stuck, which would cause the other to poke fun at the one getting stuck. (This scenario came about from a tester actually getting stuck in something I overlooked.)

Other achievements were more straight forward, like destroying both Wasp Bots before beating the Virus that hovers around X.

Despite your warning ano0maly, I read all of your feedback in one go. Thanks for that, I really enjoyed your thoughts on the game and it was very informative. Luckily, some of your complaints about the temple and especially Gate C have been fixed up.
As for a map on the Gate levels. There's actually going to be an npc put in later that will tell you the general locations of items.