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Not much bird news this time. One thing the males love to do is stand on the cameras that are on the roof. 99.9% of the time, it's not a problem, but male grackles have long tails. Sometimes their tails will drop down and cover the lense, which I always find humorous. It's even funnier if you see it from the security feed, trust me on that.

In other birds news, this one comes by to say hi from time to time.

Wreck-It Ralph
Two months ago, I didn't want to go see this when Jerry told me to watch the trailer and said nothing about it. I did my normal thing of, "That sounds stupid, cause the name is dumb. Anything with the word Ralph and Wreck in the same sentence is doomed to fail and yada yada." He stopped listening after that. Of course, me being into video games, as soon as I saw the trailer, I said; "So we're seeing this on the release date."

I'm not gonna review it, I'm a terrible reviewer, but I just gotta say that I found it fantastic. I think it would be enjoyable for those that aren't into video games. I'd definitely game hop into Sugar Rush. That candy audience... Jerry and I had this giant shit-eating grin every time those were on screen. No worries, none of this is anything you haven't seen in a trailer.

So when the movie ended, this was the first thing Jerry and I thought of. Only click if you've seen the film or don't mind something that could potentially be a spoiler. I had to do it.

DT3 Demands A Sacrifice! Well not really...
The insults that everyone loves so much. DT3 demands more of those! If you have a Game Over insult that you think would work for DT3, leave a comment here. I'll be crediting those, if you want, in the Thanks section of the credits.

There are restrictions though. Swearing needs to be kept to a minimum and restricted to those words that have appeared already. 'Ass' seems to get the running theme here as far as that goes. Nothing too vulgar and if an ennuendo is used, keep it very very subtle. You've all seen DT1's insults a thousand times, you know how they go. :P
My personal favorite for DT1 is "Quoth the player; Nevermore." which came from a friend in the Netherlands. Yes Cali, (if you still read this blog) that one totally made it in. Way way far back, she requested an option to retry bosses from the menu cause she was always going for a flawless victory on them. I should have used her advice back then. :< She did however, prompt me to make Jerry's hitbox smaller. I think this was around the time Metropolis was in development.

Other DT3 Stuff
In response to the bottom comment on the previous post.
I won't say too much yet and not going to say where it is. Intense and creepy is the intended feel I'm going for. It does have multiple boss encounters and there's a section of the level with a gimmick, so some will be happy to know that. The color wheels also make a brief return, but they're handled in a much different way this time. The spinning wheels are gone, and instead you're given a new HUD element that shows what to do. For most of its return, it's less an obstacle and more of a puzzle element as I said once in the past. A screenshot may come in a few weeks. When I have something that I think looks good, I may post something.


NegativeZeroZ said...

Crediting someone up-front for insulting a likely angry player is kind of ehh. I'd rather not receive hatemail for something dumb like that. I didn't even know the insults in DT1 came from early players until I pressed F1 on the pause menu by accident just a bit ago.

I have an idea on what you're working on, but I won't say why since other readers might get curious and end up spoiling themselves. I expected the return of the colour wheels to be here, though, and I'm glad it's a HUD element now, since there were a scattered few places where the wheels couldn't be seen.

ZephyrBurst said...

That's a good point, time to edit the post then.

gpremier said...

Here's a whole of bunch of insult, trying to stay in the DT1 style. Let's see if one of them will make the cut.

Wow! you lose!

You should never understimate your incompetence.

Your ancestors are laughing at you.

You are not worthy of the Jeremy name.

What have i done to deserve such a lame performance?

Did you really finish DT1?

Go watch the lets play on youtube instead.

Don't like me? go back to DT2 you softie.

You're not really trying are you?

Maxing your deathcount i see. You really need to cure that OCD of yours.

I saw it coming.

I expected a twist ending for once.

How did you got this far is beyond me.

If you can't beat that, you better give up now.

Missed me? I certainly didn't miss you.

You never beat THAT speedbike level do you?

Time to reload the saved state. Oh wait...

When will you ever learn?

I don't know what to say anymore.

It start with Y and finish by ousuck

You do know you're not supposed to do that.

I guess i have to call Claire.

You won't impress the ladies like that

You know what you need? Talent.

Is this your first game?

Let me guess, you're middle name is Faillure doesn't it.

The konami code wouldn't be enough to save you.

Get back here after 10 hours of grinding. Not that it would change anything.

Will you leave me alone for a minute?

I wrote a book called "You will eventually win". It's in the fiction section.

They lived unhappy ever after.

Don't worry, you can give this game a bad review later to compensate.

And me who thought you were a grown up.

Return here when you stocked more E tanks.

Don't care about a S rank do you?

Come on, we worked hard on the later stage, you really are killing us.

You should play a RPG instead.

If you had to pay a quarter each time you lose, i would be ___$ richer.


Can't you surprise me for once?

And there, children, is exactly what you must not do.

You died so many time i don't care anymore(repeat that one a few time in a row).

You are not a bad enough dude to beat this game.

Continue like that, the power of love will be you're only hope of winning.

I just saw the movie of your life. It was lame.

Next time, you'll tell me you died by papercut.

You're one of those that think that what's important is to participate seemingly.

Charisma -1.

Popularity -1. Not that it matters.

Go play "You have to burn the rope" instead.

You're clearly a "softcore" gamer are you?

Impress, i am not.
Disgusted, i am.

I'll have to implement an easier difficulty setting, Jeremy mode.

All the people you ever loved died. And it's your fault.

Did you even care?

Stop using this screen as a screensaver.

Stop forcing the grim reaper into overtime.

You know, nothing will unlock if you keep coming here.

And i thought i had enough insult to not repeat myself.

Ah, just get out of my sight.

Even Chuck Norris couldn't help you out.

I know, you can't beat this so automatically this game is unfair right?

What are you gonna do? Are you going to cry?

You may cry.

All those background, and your favorite spot had to be the black screen. You make me sick.

In this world of chaos, it's reassuring to see that some things will always be the same. Your incompetence in this instance.

Ah, You never disapoint. We expect you to fail and surprise, you do exactly that.

Wanna help me? I'm writting a book called "1001 use of a dead player".

You remind me of the Coyote.

NegativeZeroZ said...

Sure, why the hell not.


"Your odds of successfully navigating this game are approximately 3720 to 1."

"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead... and so are you."

"That's what you did with your life? That was senseless."

"Remember, it's okay if you suck. Somewhere out there for you, there's a game that blows."

"That was a demo, wasn't it?"

"For the record, you ARE bad at this game, and that's terrible."

LostSoldier20 said...

Let us continue the references! And then two non-references.

"The only way for you to win, is not to play."

"You died faster than the speed of sound."

"You're no Pinball Wizard."

"Hang him!
Oh, you're already dead"

"You must have a degree in dying."

"If you died less, I might come up with more insults."

ZephyrBurst said...

Holy balls, that's a lot among you guys. Some of these are definitely going in.

DT3 has categories of insults (recently implemented) based on how much you've lost in the same map and how quick you've lost again. Some of these will go well in certain categories.

LostSoldier20 said...

More ideas! With a reference death or two mixed in again.

"We all agree you should stop"

"Trying to die in every way possible?"

"Your deaths = stupidity(lack of skill)^2"

"You could use a Hoarcrux."

"Do that again"
and then
"I was joking. It's no surprise you die so much."

"I think the virus corrupted your brain"

"Press J to not die"

"Is this a comedy or a tragedy?"

"Me thinks the player doth protest too much"

Cirno said...

Oh hey, failure was an option after all

83% of grandmas did this room on their first try

Can you hurry this up? The meter's running

The Fast and the Failious

I bet you had potential. There goes my house

Quit now or forever hold your peace