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Into the New Year

Edit: (January 12, 2013) Heads up. There probably won't be any other posts for January. Still making the game though. :]

No bird news this time and this is going to be a short post.

There hasn't been a screenshot for a long time, so let's open up the new year post with one.

As you can see, everyone's love/hate obstacle makes a return in DT3, this time half way through the game. They don't show up for very long and aren't used in the same way as the other two games as much. Most of the rough stuff will only be showing up in an optional level, one which is a counterpart to 'Think and Act Fast', cause I just love my players. Other than a fake screenshot in Hadriex' interview with me, this will be the only shot shown of this place. The new HUD element in the top-right corner displays all the info you'll ever need on which color zone the game wants you to be in next. It counts down and once the countdown reaches a certain threshold, the color which is already highlighted as shown above, will begin to spin and let you know that you need to be somewhere. Base damage is 16 (4 hearts) for not being where you need to be and like the previous games, it ignores your current damage state. Brown has been replaced with yellow due to feedback on previous renditions of this. The colors in this game don't matter, but to keep it consistent with past encounters of this, I decided to keep the colors and sequence the way it was. As said in a post sometime back, I'll be much more careful with the level design when this gimmick is present. I'm aware that not many liked the color zones, but I'd like to try my hand at the concept once more.

For just a moment, I thought of having only 3 colors. (red, yellow, blue) Since in DT3, the color zones can move, the colors would overlap and show a secondary color. I'm sure you see where this was heading. For obvious reasons, this never made it past the 'Oh that's an idea' phase.

This week's pony episode prominently featured Applejack and Spike. It was nice to see the show focus on some of the background characters for once.


ano0maly said...

Oh no, they return.

Happy new year!

Slit said...

Yes, this is awesome. Also Think and Act Fast v.2.0? That sound both creepy and awesome. I already know in which "optional" level it will appear (though not saying it ).

I wish you a happy new year Zephyr. May it turn out a successfull year for you in every regard, privately, in your job but also regarding devolpment on DT 3. You're an awesome guy and deserve a happy 2013. :)

ZephyrBurst said...

Indeed, a v2.0 of it, but this time without silly 1 tile platforms and the stupid :P, even if that isn't a problem with DT3's tighter controls.

Anonymous said...

And so it returns...

God help us.

God help us all.

Ah, and happy new year! Since the thread at Fusion Fangaming, I haven't played too much Distorted Travesty, unfortunately, but this is still one of my all-time favorite games. Keep up the great work, man!

(Also, if you're still taking suggestions for the Game Over quotes, this is one I thought of a couple of days ago. Probably isn't that good, but: "Well, look on the bright side! You won in opposite world!")

Anonymous said...

Its coming back.....ITS COMING BACK.......ITS COMING BACK!!!!! .....FUCK!
And i was already excited about that 8 Instrument things......-facepalm-