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See, I'm Talking About Birds

This month at work I did a promotion thingy and am no longer working outside, which is both good and bad. I don't get to see my birds all day, but I don't have to die of heat like I did every day last summer. I do go outside on every lunch break though and my birds are still as happy as ever to see me.

Here's a picture of one getting a bit upset that another bird was approaching. He likes being special.

I like their poofy feathers when they get upset. This one doesn't like either males or females around when he approaches.
I'll be posting again soonish with a video of a bird, but I need to cut out some useless stuff where I didn't turn off the recording and all that.

DT3 Stuff
Chapter 17 is getting somewhat close to being done. I wish I had more time this last month to work on it, but next month should change that.

In this shot, Claire is about to run face first into a laser because the turrets above her know how to lead their targets. She'll learn after the first mistake though. Oh yeah, spoilers, some enemies in DT3 can lead their shots.


SouleEagleDev said...

I just found your blog, and I must say that I am very impressed. You mentioned that the enemies shots can follow you. Is this done in the step event or run in a script? Because I can imagine that having the code to follow the player be in the step event would cause a bit of lag. This is assuming that you are still using Game Maker 8.1 or Studio.

ZephyrBurst said...

You can have hundreds, even a couple thousand things trying to follow an object using the step event without lag.

What I mentioned in this post though, is an enemy leading a shot instead of shooting at the player's current position when firing. The code to find where to shoot is in a script. It's run in the step event since I have it checking where to fire so the player can see where that is. I've tested with a couple hundred of them all trying to lead with no frame rate loss.

I have two of these, the one listed in the blog, and the other is really the same thing, but it's going off a parabolic arc instead.

SouleEagleDev said...

It depends on how intelligent the leading code is. For example, in the game that I am working on, the 'bullets' have AI to avoid particular objects, while bouncing, while pathfinding towards the player object even when the player is a few platforms away. If you have a very complicated bullet object, then you can only support a few hundred, which can easily be surpassed by having enough enemies that can create the object. So, I think that to keep the game at 60 fps, you should make sure that the bullet object is not overly complex. Then again, I played the earlier DT games, and I can assume that you are going to do simple pathfinding to have the bullets reach the player. In a way, we are both right.