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Now that I've been reminded about posting a grackle video, here it is.

Map Headers
I got asked about those little window map headers that DT1 had and asked A LOT, by both the testers and all of you that played the DT3 demo if they would return.

The sentence above should tell you what happened. It wasn't till a fair ways in that I decided to put that in and you can imagine the crazy amount of maps as a backlog I suddenly had. At this point in the game, most of it was in the Gate levels as they take a large portion of the gameplay up to Chapter 16. For quite a few of the Gate and Nightmare Gate levels, I allowed the testers to add in the map quotes. They've had a big impact on the game and that seemed like a good way to let them put a bit of their voice in there.

Progress Update
Chapter 17 is done, so that leaves 3 more plot points to cover. Getting closer. The next level involves mountains, skies with stars, and snowballs. And some other things that have nothing to do with the rest of that.

It had some games that looked fun. That is all. Oh right, Splatoons looked really neat. I'll be following that one for awhile. I should fangasm over the Zelda trailer, but not much was shown and I don't think they'll be showing anything else during the rest of E3. I just need a little more than Link suddenly being chased down by some thingie, then turning around and going all Matrix on it with a wonky looking bow. It looks pretty at least, but I knew that would be the case.


Kurtis Haren said...

I really liked those window-header things. Every time I played, I'd play it in windowed mode instead of full-screen just so I wouldn't miss them. They add a lot of personality to the game.

By the way, whatever happened to the video you mentioned before of the birds? I was looking forward to seeing it. I don't mention anything about the bird parts of your posts because I'm not much of an animal person, so I don't often have anything that seems meaningful enough to say, but I still read them. (If only I could get my sisters' pet bunnies as tame as your birds. Then whenever they got out of their cage, we'd be able to actually catch them.)

Slit said...

Hey Zeph, amazing screenshot. Two questions about that pic:

1.) There are these beautifull snow flock that will fall from the sky. There are also violet snowflocks (all three of them in front of the stone background)? Are these moving as well or are they a part of the background (and thus of the rock structure)?

2.) Is the tree decoration or an actual enemy?

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh right, I'll get that video up and edit the post.

Slit, you'll see that soon enough. :P

Francis said...

@ Slit: I can answer you this question: Both the tree and the violet snowflocks are part of the background and thus decoration. The tileset is from Stage 6 of Disney's Magical Quest 3. You can watch it here:
It starts around 01.09.00 in the vid.
The background seems to be from the first and second Magical Quest games as they both featured ice themed levels which used the same starry background. As you see I played all three games and enjoyed them quite a bit.

ZephyrBurst, you seem to be pretty talented in creating levels with nice visuals. May I ask if you consider using the background from stage 6 of Magical Quest 3 for the lower parts of these mountains, the spikey snowflocks with eyes, the giant tree trunks as featured in the second half of the original level as well as some of these trees (which were shown on the pic) as part of the background like the original game did?

mUstafa said...

Don't ya tell me that we oughta stand on these things and balance on them over spikes - similiar to the Yoshi's Island Rock!? O_o