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I Feel Like I Need To Mention This

Have you heard about 'Tobias and the Dark Sceptres'? There's a link that I think you should follow in the previous sentence. This was shared to me by two people already. It's a game that was made in the span of 13 years, the video shown in the link 4 sentences ago will tell you all about it. I think you should have a go at this, I recently watched WhattayaBrian's first Let'sPlay video of the game and I'm getting some good vibes from it. It's an odd game, definitely made by someone who started it when they were young, with a few technical oddities. However, there's a certain charm about it that's really nifty and there's a lot of really cool little touches that show the creator really loved making it and put a lot of himself into it.

Brian's first LP video of it can be found by clicking anywhere on this entire sentence.


WhattayaBrian said...

This was all a ploy to make you post 4 times it 9 days.

ZephyrBurst said...

The Internet will forever see and know your typo.

WhattayaBrian said...

It is real. It is all of me, Scepterman.

Kurtis Haren said...

Ha, ha! You screwed up and made a typeo!

...Damn it!

On a serious note, I just found out about that from a Dorkly video just minutes before coming here. Interesting timing.