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Another Patch (1.03)

This one is definitely a good one to get. It fixes up a game breaking bug later in the game, a crash bug (not easy to do, but it's there), and if you were unfortunate (and/or silly/brave) enough to do a certain thing in the Barrens, you could get stuck and it is fairly difficult to get yourself out of said mess. Someone did this and I've responded by making fun of him with a sign in said map. He knows who he is, he'll be reading this soon. It takes some patience to get yourself into that, perhaps it's more an acknowledgement of that.

It also adds quite a few more of those little messages after a set number of deaths on certain maps.

A few typos missed as well were corrected.

This will be the last update for awhile most likely. Also I will be away for a good part of this week, so responses during this time will probably be nonexistent.

Also people have finished the game. Good job you guys, I know it's not easy. Glad you guys enjoyed the game enough to play all of it too.

DT3 Hosting
Ah yes, one other thing! Alice from the Talkhaus has been awesome and is hosting the downloads for DT3. Actually she's been doing it from the start, but I just wasn't linking to it... because... I have no idea why. But that will be the home download for the full game now. I've left a second download option in my dropbox for the exe only as a secondary for that though. A big thanks to Alice for giving it a home.

Playing my own game (DT1)
This is a thing that people have been wanting to see for awhile. I've been thinking of how to do it. I suppose I'll definitely upload it to youtube in an LP format. But I was thinking that while playing, I'd stream it on twitch so everyone could make fun of me as I'm playing my own game badly. For that would inquire, I'd play it on hard mode. Not playing on Distorted, I know the game enough to know I'm not going there again. :P Not sure when I'd do this.


Kamil said...

I think the unlucky guy from the Barrens deserve an achievement.

Kurtis Haren said...

A DT LP with developer commentary as he goes over his own game? Hell yeah!

lordalexander74 said...

Quick question about the fight in the Vault, do you only have a limited time to kill him in his final phase? Seems to have infinite health during the danmaku attack.

Hadriex said...

The author playing DT1, now this I'll have to see.

NegativeZeroZ said...

If you need someone to make fun of you live while you play, I volunteer.

Also, lordalexander: You're too good, try sucking a bit more.

Oslash said...

no, there will be a point when its HP will recover so you cant beat that boss

Anonymous said...

Any hints on where the non-obvious items in the Gate 2 overworlds are located? I am missing one item from overworld A and two from B. I pretty much scoured the edges of the entire overworld maps looking for a secret area... I assume there's no secret area located in a random inconspicuous map square right?

lordalexander74 said...

The map headers in one of the temples hints to a location of a secret area... NE of one of the towns I beleve. The first town I'm pretty sure... Other than that the secret areas in Gate 2 either are in conspicuous areas, or have hints. Like the middle of Cross Forest, or the water maze. Check the caves on the overworld as well. Or just scour each and every square, like I did.

Also Zephyr, what's wrong with this screenshot?

There should be a platform there, though it only appears about half the time.

lordalexander74 said...

Got past that room and the next... Only to immediately save and quit. Nope. Not dealing with that one. Way too many awful memories.

Dessa said...

Direction are from the square OF the town, not the square where you spawn when exiting town:

From Nowhere (town 1): 4 right, up 5
From Somewhere (town 2): 3 right, up 8

I'm missing one secret on the second map too. Wherever it is, it is hidden extremely well.

NegativeZeroZ said...

That "Ghost of" map is a complete mockery of the original. When Hadriex played it, he didn't even get the joke, because the short section that's in reference to DT1 was ridiculously easy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dessa! These are exactly the ones I was missing. You have saved me probably an hour of boring mindless searching :) With these two I have picked up all the items in Gate 2.

I'm surprised to hear that you're missing an item. What kind of item is it that you're missing? (You can figure this out by looking at the left side of the map screen in the start menu.)

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note I am at Chapter 19 and seem to be stuck at map [MCB]. The requisite jump there seems to be impossible to make.


Anonymous said...

Never mind, got it...