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Edit: Looks like we'll be getting 'charging weapon' sound effects next patch.

Patch Notes (Version
This one happened quicker than I expected. The biggest reason for it going out is to fix more crashes for potato machines, but there are a few other misc changes that might interest some of you.

- Equipment Change [Golden Shield]: It no longer awards 7 Game Power back upon a successful parry, but instead extends the parry window of opportunity by 1 frame.

- You guys all know of the subtle bounce effect after hitting an enemy with a melee attack in the air. There was a 2 frame hover time that has been extended to 6, which will allow more control of these.

- The next wave timer for the Ch.16 event is now displayed on screen instead of at the base flag.

- The first wave of the Ch.16 event now has the proper 30 seconds instead of the 15 seconds.

- More crash fixes for lower end machines.

- 3 additional birds were added. This time to the bridge map in Central City, but they only show up after Ch.10.

Other Games
Jeremy and myself have been very interested in The Division. (Despite it being a Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy's game) Though the closer to its release, the less interested I became. Jeremy had pre-ordered it, and seemed to like it. Then its open-beta occurred and actually proved me wrong on how I felt about the game's dark zones. If you know anything about the game, then you know all about those. I figured they'd be a cluttery shitfest, but they weren't, which is a huge plus for me. It has the right amount of pvp and periodic cease-fires.

What I didn't know, but that the game lets you know the moment you start it, is that it's a cover-based shooter. I'm really not a fan of the sticky wall syndrome of cover-based shooters. I tend to find it clunky and unwieldy, usually preferring more loose systems of simply letting me crouch like in say Planetside or Borderlands. That said, I found the cover system in The Division by Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy The Division to actually do well at what its supposed to do.

I'm not sure how long Tom Clancy's Clam Tomcy's The Division will last as far as popularity goes, or for myself, but Jeremy and the open beta have convinced me to play. It has a Borderlands style loot system and possibly having pvp be a bit much on the gear-based side. Though when Jeremy and myself took out people who way out-geared us (though they weren't very good either) I found that wasn't too bad, especially when the dark zone tries to keep people who are within certain levels of each other. If you're going to play it, get a friend. It is not all that fun alone I find.

Oh yeah, I don't like shooters. No really. I don't. Planetside doesn't count.


Herbethe said...

Zephyr, I can't go back to see the birds!!!

LostSoldier20 said...

Air juggle was only 2 frames? That's quite the shock. Very much an appreciated change, especially with how much I rely on bounces for certain bosses all through the game.

And I might actually use the shield now.

TheDarkMan said...

Potato machines... like mine. thanks Zephyr for fixing that kind of thing.

Justin Time said...

The patch fixed the problem. ^_^

I kinda think you may have overdone it a tad by tripling the air juggle's frame count, the difference is really noticeable at times (such as giving you pseudoflight powers against that crab thing in the vault without even trying to hover). On the other hand, it should make getting some of the upgrades early a lot easier, and sequence breaking for upgrades is a fun reward for taking the time to master the mechanics. I imagine it won't make light of some of the more challenging aerial maneuvers, though, or you wouldn't have set it to 6. [This is just a first impression, mainly compared to the old air juggle. I'll probably take a closer look at it after finishing up in the vault.]

Justin Time said...

...And the link broke. Hooray. xD This should work as intended.

ZephyrBurst said...

The change was for 3 reasons, mainly to ease up the dash chain sections, like the heavier ones in for example, Nightmare Gate G. Another was for somewhat easier air juggles as that's a thing a lot of people do and enjoy doing, so changing that makes the game a bit more enjoyable for those. It does, by extension, make it a bit easier to beat certain enemies and that's fine. The other is for what you mentioned, potential early item grabs. It allows some crazy tricks on top of the other crazy things people do for early ones. You don't bounce higher than before, you simply fall slower for longer. Though one boss does need a hair bit of tweaking, nothing big, just needs a hit-box adjustment. It actually could have used this adjustment since the beginning.

Justin Time said...

[Take 2, fixing something.]

Ah. Makes sense, and it does ease up the issues with trying to air juggle. The hang time just seems a frame or so too long, IMO. ...Of course, I'm mainly saying that because of how noticeable the contrast is to v1.0.1.8 and earlier, and in all honestly probably wouldn't like to see it shortened any, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. [Even if it doesn't add any additional height directly, the added ease of keeping yourself afloat lets the player go higher than they would be able to beforehand, from what I can tell. I don't think I've seen anything that this'll actually break, however.]

And yeah, it does indeed fit with the other crazy tricks you can do to get items early, like tag-team bomb jumping & bomb stalling, or grappling onto one of those X things with the Strike Chain, jumping, switching ability sets, lobbing a bomb up so it'll bounce off a wall, switching ability sets, and grappling the same X again so you can bomb jump off it to get a heart piece (if I remember correctly) you're supposed to air dash for, or anything of the sort. Gonna be fun to experiment with. >;D

I guess the rather extreme difference compared to earlier versions left me a bit concerned. xD


Also, a few things I noticed in the Vault:

1) Typo in Vault Moth's dev commentary: "won't be able to due to it" in the first sentence, should be "won't be able to do it".

2) Is it supposed to be possible to stand on the Abomination's head during the horizontal chase segment just after Chao goes missing, before it starts moving? (The one where it's facing to the right, with four big bulbous things to the upper right and a hanging claw that fires projectiles.) Because if you bomb jump you can stand on top of it's face, then jump left and get in the corner. Claire works well up here; she can stop its projectiles for a while with dagger spam, and she can dodge the projectiles without falling off if you face left, dash backwards & hold left with perfect timing, almost immediately before they hit you. [Sorry the description's a bit awkward, I didn't think to make a screenshot until it was too late.]

3) If you save & reload in Vault14, then the inactive character will have a shield bubble when you reload. Conversely, if you don't save & reload, the inactive character won't have a shield bubble. Not sure which is the desired behaviour for the section, what with the implication that Jeremy can't really do anything until you leave the room.

4) Jerry cares not for the laws of physics. [Minor glitch, that part's hitbox doesn't seem to be entirely solid while it's rising from the ground. It doesn't affect the game, since Hexor teleports you to the left and you can't get back on its right side as far as I know, but it is amusing.]

Kurtis Haren said...

Hey man, spoilers!

I mean, I suspected he had something to do with the plot for a long time, but still. Be a bit more careful next time!

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah yeah, that thing. (In #4 there)
It's due to raising the object directly instead of through the game's physics code so it properly updates other objects. I did it that way mostly because it was faster and yes it's bit hacky in ways, but the everything is corrected. Overall, I kinda felt it went okay with that area. Not really saying it's better, but yeah, it works. :P

Herbethe said...

Make it with the Megaman Zero series charging weapon sound effect, I think it's the best one.

TheDarkMan said...

I agree with Herbethe.

ZephyrBurst said...

Right now I'm just using the MMX sound along with a 'ding' when any charge (well MMX and Samus) is complete. Perhaps the MMZ one can be used instead though. :3

Justin Time said...

Yeah, it fits well with the Abomination, and with the general theme of the Vault; it makes it seem like Hex's hacking, and the creature itself, are adversely affecting the laws of physics. If the player sees it, it could help give them the feeling that letting them out will hurt the world; after all, if things are going wrong already, in an area specifically designed to be as protected from bad code as possible, what'll happen if it gets out to the rest of the world?

Also, Balloon Popper is definitely a good reward for getting to Grand High Grounds the instant you get your air dash. xD

Justin Time said...

...I guess Mr. Saturn is the party's judge, Jerry, and executioner?

Kurtis Haren said...

I haven't played the original game in a while, but I don't remember single-button dashing being added to it. I know you said no more major updates on the older games anymore, but do you think you'll consider waiting until all of the big updates on DT3 are done, then back-porting some of the biggest quality-of-life improvements like said single-button dashing to the older games, since they all use the same engine?

Also, you said before that you'd eventually release the engine for people to mess with. If people came up with things worth implementing in the official games, would you consider adding them in updates? For example, DT1 has too many buttons to map to a 360 controller. If somebody were to adjust the controls in a way that simplified things a bit, could it be added in as an optional control scheme?

Kurtis Haren said...

Found an odd bug. I was grinding in a spot I found in Gate 3, and after a while, all of the audio stopped. I saved the game and restarted, and the audio came back. After a while though, it stopped again. Ideas why it's doing that?

Alice said...

"For example, DT1 has too many buttons to map to a 360 controller. If somebody were to adjust the controls in a way that simplified things a bit, could it be added in as an optional control scheme?"

@Kurtis Haren
Keep in mind that a 360 controller has two analog sticks (plus the buttons you get by pushing those sticks in) as well as a d-pad. You can use the analog sticks to bind controls.

ZephyrBurst said...

Not at all.

For the old games, I've considered going back to add dash buttons and fixing one of the bugs that followed the engine into DT3's development.

Kurtis Haren said...

"Not at all" as in you don't mind doing it, or "Not at all" as in you won't do it? (Not harassing you to do it, if that's what it sounds like. Just asking clarification.)

Also, out of curiosity, what bug was it that's persisted all the way to DT3? Yeah, I've got the newest version of the first game, and (until your newest post) the newest version of DT3, but they seem pretty stable with no overly major glitches (except the sound one I mentioned earlier, and that was only one version). I haven't noticed anything across all the games.

ZephyrBurst said...

The sound thing I don't know what's causing that. It could be sooo many things. Probably due to the sound extension DT is using though.

The bug that persisted up until a few patches into the release of DT3 is an input bug with getting hit. To do exactly what I mean, get hit in the air and then press and hold the jump button. When you hit the ground, most of the time, you'll jump again, which is not a desired behavior. This sort of behavior exists with other keypresses as well.