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Patch Notes (Version
- Those air stall changes from last time have had some edits, and I kinda figured this might happen.
  - Jerry: 3 frames
  - Claire: 5 frames
  - Additionally: Options -> Gameplay: You can turn on an option that allows holding down to disable the air stall. Its been an idea ever since WhattayaBrian suggested it like... months ago? It may or may not be janky, I don't think so because down isn't used in normal air combat, but hey, how about an option instead for it. It is off by default.

- Explosive weapons leave a lingering light in dark rooms now. This is mostly useless, but it does look cool. (Some other weapons may create light effects too, but which ones? Oh man!)

- Oh man, what was that other update to this? Something to do with sound? Nah, that's not in this update. There was nothing else ever requested about new sound in the game. (But really, charging up weapon sounds is now in along with a charge complete sound.)


Other Projects
I was approached by a good friend who asked if I could make a game with him. It was a project that he had started ideas and designs for many many moons ago, which I had actually assisted with back in the day. Fortunately I'd even been thinking about this project recently and he had suddenly presented the project to me.

So, what is this project that we started? I can't say too much about it at this point. I did tell a few that my next project would not be a platformer. That was before I knew I'd be working with anyone else or even this game. So yes, I am indeed working on another platformer. It's different after all this time to really start on something new again from scratch. Interesting enough, I've only just started work on it and the physics/control feels better than DT already.

What am I doing on the project? I'm the guy coding most of it. I told my friend if he didn't want to touch the code, that I'd be fine with that. Although he's been jumping into the code too, so yay. (I get it all organized though.) He's doing the writing and like, tons of other things. (Yay, someone else is writing, and he's actually done a lot of writing.)

I've worked with him on things before this and he's also a very self-motivated dude. I've no fears of him bailing on it, especially since most of the project is from his design, as far as characters and the world go. (The characters are adorable.)

But platformer doesn't say anything! So he's a big fan of 'Mischief Makers.' Many of you might be familiar with that. It's an old and pretty great N64 game centered on grabbing and throwing. That was his main inspiration for the project and as a fan of the game myself, I had no issues jumping on the project. It was pretty easy to spot the game features that were certainly inspired from Mischief Makers. There's something to do with pie and cake in the game, apparently. Also yes, I will put a bird somewhere in the game. A piece of cheese may end up somewhere too as that's one of my signatures that started way back when I used to make Unreal Tournament levels. In all of them, I hid a piece of cheese somewhere.


Herbethe said...
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LostSoldier20 said...

But will it have hats?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Raocow, there is now a checkpoint at the end of the hallway before the Gate 3 boss

bricio said...

Until the version v. the game runs normal but after I put the v1.0.2.0 the game don't open. I try download the complete version but the problem continues

Kurtis Haren said...

Oh man, I LOVE Mischief Makers! I've only played it on emulator, other than one time when I rented it as a tiny little kid. Now I'm fascinated, and I'd love a bit more information on this!

I know that you've mentioned it before, but what version of Game Maker do you use? I've used Game Maker Studio, but I've never made a full game that I've released. Just a half-finished platformer engine that I could never get ladders to work properly, and a Breakout/Space Invaders mix engine. (Seemed like a fun idea, until I realized that I couldn't think of anything more to do with it after Level 3.) I'm wanting to get back into it and make a new idea I had. Side-view 2D ball physics is going to be a pain in the neck to try and figure out, though.

ZephyrBurst said...

For DT3, I used Game Maker 8.1, though I wish I had Studio for it.

I do use Studio now, but porting DT3 over to it would be an intense undertaking that isn't going to happen. Studio is leaps and bounds better than its predecessors for tons of reasons.

For now, I can't mention much else about the game we're making.

NegativeZeroZ said...

Let me know if you guys have any use for me once you've got something playable.

I'm familiar with the idea of Mischief Makers, but have never actually owned a copy, so playing the two side-by-side could be an interesting experiment.

Justin Time said...

Found another amusing but harmless graphics glitch: If you talk to someone while dashing, and they start a cutscene...

Can't think of anywhere else you can do this, at least not off the top of my head. It looks neat. [After finishing the conversation, the dash continues as if you hadn't stopped. Guess talking really is a free action.]

Justin Time said...

Don't have a second save file so I can double-check this, but once you beat Ridley's first phase, if you're on one of the side platforms, I believe you'll be stuck on it as it goes down into the lava, and won't be able to jump off until the second phase starts. You will, however, be able to take lava damage, meaning that you can potentially be killed during the in-engine cutscene.

...It can be kinda annoying if you're going for a no-deaths run, save the game once you get the checkpoint, and don't notice that you're just about out of HP until after you save.

I'll likely test it again in the boss rematch area, and let you know the results.

Justin Time said...

...And can't check in the boss rematch. Lovely.

If someone else has a save file around there, could they check?

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah, I know why it does that.

Anonymous said...

My apologies if this is asking a lot. Would it be possible to add in some kind of setting for the boss arena that allows you all your abilities rather than the ones you would respectively have? Basically more of a for fun mode rather than an actual time trial.

I simply ask because I don't know if there's something akin to NG+ or something (I know about nightmare mode and 1HD mode) and it would be kind of fun to see what would happen if you tried to take things with strategies you wouldn't properly have otherwise.

I would imagine this is something big to be asking, it was simply something that came to mind as I got deep in.

Unknown said...

Found a little bug in the vault, after you complete it, if you take the first of the three gate that send you to other areas of the vault, for some reason, the game will still think you're in dual character mode, if you try to switch characters, you'll get an error message, nothing else seems to happen however, and only the first of the three gates will cause this, the others do not.

Also on a different note, this is the same person who left the above request about the boss gallery having an all acquired abilities option.

ZephyrBurst said...

I found that one too. It was introduced last patch. Update in a few days.

Trace said...

Are there missable shop items? Just trying to fully fill out my inventory

ZephyrBurst said...

Only one truly goes away, but every item is in Central City after awhile.

Kurtis Haren said...


I'm only writing this here because I'm not a member of Raocow's forums, and I know you read these too.

On the places where Jeremy gets blocked out, isn't he supposed to be the one giving you a hard time on the Game Over screens? If he's blocked out, then those messages shouldn't be there. Is there a way that you can clear out those messages for the places where Jeremy isn't present?

Even more fun, could you replace the messages on Jeremy-less sections with Chao either doing her thing from DT2, or trying to act like Jeremy and failing really hard, like she just can't bring herself to be as mean-spirited as he is?

ano0maly said...

Why aren't you a member

Kurtis Haren said...

I don't usually have much to say on his videos. I'll watch when it's a game that interests me, and when I do, I really enjoy the videos. When it's a game that doesn't interest me, I have no real desire to watch. I like the reactions and how he handles games that I personally enjoy. When I don't have a connection to what he's playing, I just don't feel that big a reason to watch. I don't see the reason for signing up for a site I'm never going to do anything with beyond a single point.