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Long Awaited Info

A year has passed since the big reveal and since we've hit the first big anniversary, it's time for a bit more info about it.

You've probably already seen the new screenshot on Twitter, but just in case, here's a link to it. You'll notice some drastic UI changes. That early in the project, it was doubtful that other UI would stick. It may seem the UI is a bit minimalist for a DT game, but this screenshot is of the first real dungeon and Chao doesn't have too much in the beginning. Dashing, for example, isn't unlocked until after this first dungeon.

I didn't mention anything about the mechanics of DT4 and I figured this year would be nice to share a bit more about them. The basic HUD there displays Chao's current HP count numerically (and in a meter next to it.) Underneath is one of the big mechanics of combat this time around. The value displayed is Chao's damage multiplier for her next attack. Through evasive and defensive options, Chao is able to boost the power of her follow up attacks.

To put some of this into their base raw numbers, (because I know a lot of you like this stuff)
Chao has 2 major defensive options. Those being blocking and dashing. Blocking can block all incoming frontal melee attacks, but will only mitigate 90% of the incoming damage, unless she performs a perfect guard.
Guarding will boost power by 10% per attack blocked, but a perfect guard will increase it by 50%. Blocking however, will only block 50% of projectile damage, but the 10% power boost is still granted.

Dashing will, like DT predecessors, phase through enemy projectiles. Dashing through projectiles in this way also increases the power boost by 20%. This time though, dashing will not give iframes from melee attacks. It's still a quick dodge, as both forward and back dashing have made their way back in.

Power boosts will also stack up to a certain capacity. (that can be increased throughout the game) Whiffing attacks will not deplete the power boost, only successful attacks, by 50% per hit. It will also deplete over time at 10% every few seconds.

This dynamic between blocking and dashing is only the base mechanics. It's not DT without an array of secondary abilities, and Chao certainly has a fair number of them, but that info will be for another update. (Though she does have a bomb ability similar to Jerry's Link bomb in DT3.)


FrogInABox said...

...This is a joke, right? Want to be sure, just to make sure not to get my hopes up.

ZephyrBurst said...

I made the screenshot in GameMaker itself because it was honestly faster for me, but the game does not exist. So it's half real. :P

Anonymous said...

Y'know, if this game is not real,will we get some game from you on this site or whatever place you feel like?

ZephyrBurst said...

Most likely at some point, yes.

Unknown said...

Ah, yes, falling for an aprils fools joke two and a half year late :D

I actually was extatic there was a 4th one on the way, loved the first 3. Haven't played them since they pretty much came out. Was here to download them again =)