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Reveal of the Next Game

 A few years back, I mentioned that Distorted Travesty 4 had started development. A short video and a spattering of screenshots were posted. Some of you thought since it was announced on April 1st (2 years in a row) that it wasn't real. Well I'm back this April 1st to say that it is indeed real! No video this year, but I can share some screenshots (quite a few too!) as well as some info.

A few posts down, this post in particular, mentioned a few mechanics that mostly still hold true, though rereading the 'raw numbers' section now, it's very incorrect. The game's central mechanic is still Chao's shield being used to deflect attacks and build up a damage multiplier for her following attacks.

Chao guarding against a bee's claw attack.

Roaming through a Yoshi village.

Dashing through some blocks with a new ability!

I won't go too much into the story this time around, except that it takes place after the events of DT3. (The true end of course.) Throughout the game, Chao is accompanied by a new friend she encounters early on. He's the little bird you see in these screenshots! By this point, Chao has become a dungeon diver and much of the game involves her hunting these down and exploring them alongside her new friend who can look up info about the places she's in, much like Jeremy could do in previous games.

Hitscan gunners are back of course.

What am I looking at?

Secret message?

The DT series is known for its difficulty and DT4 is no exception on that front. I like to say that DT3 was made to be completed and that DT4 is made to be mastered. It is by far the hardest game in the series and I can see it not sitting well with some. There is an included difficulty adjustment menu that can be used at no penalty if you're not looking for the type of struggle that the game desires.

Tick tock?

The DDR Man himself???



I'd talk about the many abilities that Chao obtains through the game, but I'd like you all to discover that for yourself. However, there is one I'd like to talk about that I really wanted to make in DT1, but just didn't quite know how to go about it. You may have noticed that Kirby Star in some of the screenshots. This ability allows Chao to steal a Kirby related ability from any enemy from the Kirby series, and in some cases, gaining passive abilities, such as low gravity, or even another jump!

And for the big question that I'm sure many will ask. When is the game being released? Unfortunately not for some time. (Definitely a couple years still.) So the true answer to that is; when it's done!

That's all from me for now. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Hope you're all having a great April 1st!


cousinoer5 said...

First! I cannot wait to play this game which may or may not exist :)))

Oslash said...

finally some news, i love your games

keep up your amazing work

Anonymous said...

Great News!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this , i really do mean it. DT3 is an incredible experience and its thanks to you zephyr , take your time to make DT4.

Model Z Golden said...

when he arrived his proof of strength to her was the ninth word

Anonymous said...

The page for Distorted Travesty 2 is broken. I wanted to download all the games in the series, but I can't find a download like for 2. Clicking it just gives me an "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist" error

ZephyrBurst said...

Yeah, google took it down for "spam" or something. I've contacted them about it, asking why it triggered the spam rule, but there's been no response for awhile. So screw waiting for them. I'll copy the page and just replace the link with a new exact replica, lol.

FrogInABox said...

DT3's one of my favorite platformers of all time, and knowing that there'll be a sequel eventually gives me so much joy.
You're a game design genius, Zephyr. Thanks for all the joy and difficulty!