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The Spinach DT3 Distorted Mod

It's been a long time coming and a bit late on my end to be posting this. So instead of me telling you about this mod, I'll let him via copying his post.

What is this, you ask? The updated distorted mod aims to provide a new experience for DT3 veterans. Every single room is changed to provide greater challenge and make you discover things about DT3 you may not yet know. Unlike the first distorted release, almost all bosses have significant changes now. In short, this was made for people who have beaten DT3 and are so hungry for more that the already existing difficulty options weren't enough for them. For the advanced masochists among you, know that you can still use the vanilla difficulty mods in distorted, so if you really, REALLY hate yourself, you can try out Distorted Night Terror (don't). It's hard for me to estimate how difficult distorted is on its own, I would rate it harder than vanilla nightmare and easier than DT4.

To play, simply put the .exe in your DT3 folder, backup your old vanilla save just in case, then merge the supplied "Music" folder with the one in your DT3 directory (again feel free to make a backup of the vanilla music), and start the .exe. You'll have noticed that there are two executables. The standard one is pre-patched with gm8x_fix, which cleans up some issues with GameMaker8.X games. Controllers will no longer work with this. If you still want to use a controller, I recommend using antimicro. The unpatched executable is included as well just in case the patched one doesn't work for someone for whatever reason. 

On the topic of music, please do not check the music credits ahead of time. You may accidentally spoil yourself a funny or two late in the game.

If you're using the gm8x_fix version and have antimicro but don't want to set that up yourself, someone else in the community already has a set up that you can get by clicking here. If you know how .amgp files work, then you know where to put that. Sorry this took so long for me to finally post here, Spinach. Enjoy everyone. I'll say nothing about the mod because there's a lot of cool stuff I don't want to spoil.


Sarvente said...

Cool at all,but I think I´n stupid getting stuck in the desert puzzle

Anonymous said...

For the desert puzzle I'm pretty sure I went up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, up.

Sarvente said...

Oh thank U

Anonymous said...

Someone should make a mod that makes the WEX fight actually fair. It's by far the worst part of the game.

Sarvente said...

Well I finished playing this mod and I wanna point something´s out
First:awesome!,this was quite a challenge really,that last nightmare gate was literally a torment but creative.

Second:There are some bugs,like some bosses that you can´t escape in the boss rush like the abomination and the Executive.And some bug in the warship that crashes the game when the metroid would spawn.Third one that is a bit annoying is the virus parasite hex ring that continues getting closerto Chao even in the pause screen,that is a bit funny though.

Third:the main point,the fun,I really had fun with that,thank you for sharing this mod with us.Hey,remove the hearts that Warship Hex drops and will be perfect,you problably won´t do that but it doens´t hurt to ask XD.

Anonymous said...

Can't find a secret in Zelda gate overworld II, I found the secret bomb pedestal thing, but there's something missing and I'm pretty sure I look everywhere. Weird!

Anonymous said...

spinach here, sorry for not checking this comment section more often

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It means a lot to me.
Sorry about the bugs, I was confident I'd gotten all of them, but alas. A crash in the warship sounds really bad, I'm not sure how I missed it. (I also think I removed all the Metroids there...)
Warship Hex is quite a long fight so I think the drops are appropriate. If you want more of a challenge you can always play again on Nightmare or Achilles :^)

@Anonymous (June 21):
It's probably either in the top right part of the map or in the screens leading up to the great palace.

@Anonymous (May 29):
Multiple people have beaten WEX without taking damage. It's really just a matter of practice. I will admit it takes A LOT of practice, but once you understand the fight you can win consistently.

Anonymous said...

Tried WEX again, it still sucks. It's a highly luck-based fight. Attacks often overlap in unfair ways, and the normal form is just complete BS with attacks that can't be reacted to. It is *objectively* terrible design.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about WEX in the boss gallery, or the WEX room in Bubble Tower Side B?
For the former, I can only reiterate my previous comment. If you meant the latter then I can agree that he can and does give you unavoidable sequences sometimes, there is luck, and it's not a fair fight. I still think it's insanely fun, but it may well be an acquired taste.
It's interesting that you're singling out the normal form, for me the orange form always seemed the most inclined to bury me in BS.