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First Half of the Game Available

Yay, much sooner than I had originally said and just in time for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy the Black Rock Fortress and the challenges present in there. I am definitely happy to bring this section of the game out, I know you will all enjoy it. :) As before, if any problems arise, you know what to do, as I'm sure a bug or two were overlooked.
On that note, when the entire game has been made, there will be extensive testing done to perfect everything. Lots of things will be finished up, sound will be in places where it is missing, effects and graphics will be fixed up, as well as cleaning up everything that lags the game.

The major updates will be a bit sparse now. But awesome things are going to happen. A new option in the err... options sub-menu has been added. You can now turn the sound effects off. Turning this off will also turn off the combat award sounds, even if they are on. So yay, you can completely mute the game if you wanted. o_O

Fun Fact: I actually released this later in the day on Feb. 11, but killed the download due to something I wanted to change. (Also there was that problem with not being able to move on when choosing to retry room from one of the bosses.) The new sound system wasn't in place yet either, so I decided to implement it fully and add it in. Still kept the version at 9.1 since I took it down before anyone had downloaded it.

Anyway, have fun with this, and try not to hate me too much for the difficulty presented in Black Rock. OH! The game will tell you when the demo is over.

What's In Store For YOU
You've seen from the Mega Man area how the game will change up the mechanics somewhat. Expect a lot of twists and turns in gameplay mechanics in the second half. Things will take a major turn now and as for difficulty... Consider the Black Rock Fortress your rite of passage into what is coming. The second half is where I take the kiddy gloves off. I've referenced it before and I'm going to do it again. If you've played my previous game up to the mid point, you know the hell you're about to get into. This mid-game boss is kinda tame compared to The Happy Fun Game's mid-game boss though, in my opinion anyway. At least DT's doesn't turn the lights out on you... well it does, but not in the same way. Be observant... and I hope the Shrouds don't push you around too much. Good luck.


Jaffe said...

Anyone else find it funny that we basically get a "grand slam" half way through this level only days after Denny's gave away thousands of grand slams?

P.S. on last boss of current content (i hope) on hardcore difficulty atm

ZephyrBurst said...

Such a good point, I didn't even think that. XD I wanted to get one, but I was busy during those hours. :(

There's honestly no connection between the two, but that is a nice observation.

Jaffe said...

I have to admit i wasn't the least bit worried about this level before i went into the new demo release, but it has proven to be a larger challenge than i had originally thought.....

link says it allthough :P

Jaffe said...

action number 1
of Step Event
for object oNecrobane:

Error in code at line 234:
at position 56: Unknown variable x

I got this error on the necro boss after the second checkpoint. This happens EVERY time he is crippled while transforming. additionally while i figured it was originally part of the difficulty (tried on hardcore first) this boss appears to become immune to attacks when he turns all the eyeballs around him into fireballs of death. However he never turns back to normal, i have used every spell in my arsenal, i have even attempted to cripple him and nothing makes him vulnerable again. When i changed the difficulty to easy mode (just as a test) this still happened however i found that if i chained attacks and never let my combo fall off he would stay vulnerable until phase 2 at which point i could do no further damage to him.

Jaffe said...

EDIT: stupid thigns cant be edited in samepost...

i missed the torches somehow... not exactly sure how i did that but i feel like an idiot... although every time i cripple him in phase 1 i still get that step even error...

ZephyrBurst said...

Nice on that power up. It is definitely the hardest one to get.

Thanks for the bug report, I'll get that fixed asap.