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Regenerating Madness

Edit: (April 24, 2012) Another update for DT1. Hopefully the last for awhile. :P
- A few more of those jumbled text issues that appeared in 3.0. I think I got them all this time.
- Some possible freezing issues with the sliding doors late in the game.
- A few level design 'blehness' areas. (There's actually quite a few minor tweaks here and there, so I won't list them all.)
- A crash bug with a certain encounter in Windy Slopes.
- 3 late game bosses had minor adjustments.
- A bit of time has been added to a certain timed sequence very very close to the end. I highly recommend the update for this one. The sequence seemed to be too much of a close call and didn't allow for that many errors on the players part.

As before, an exe only link is provided, this time in the downloads section.

And a screenshot since there has not been one for awhile.
What sort of trouble are they getting into now?

So yeah, Ninja Gaiden 3, I was playing that, and then suddenly something happened... I saw something, I thought it was just my imagination, or that I was doing really well or, NOPE, the game has regenerating health. Not only that, it has been reduced to easily stun locking everything and multi-killing everything before it has a chance to even look at you.

Now I haven't finished the game, but I have yet to die... once. I think I'm fairly decent at games overall, but I know I'm not THAT good at Ninja Gaiden. The first game tosses me around like a rag-doll. It's incredibly easy... no wait, it's not Ninja Gaiden. You really can't say Ninja Gaiden and easy in the same sentence, but this has happened now. It's not the lack of losing, even without that, you can still 'feel' when something is pushing you. The game also lacks any depth that the first two had and just comes out to be this shallow mess. Everything can be dealt with by just pressing one button with no further thought put into it. I've tried the hardest setting the game gave to me at the time, it's still nothing and still incredibly bleh. The game is all visuals pandering to the casual market.

Why, WHY does it have regenerating health? You'll barely get hit in it anyway! It has too much modern gaming garbage thrown into it where it doesn't belong. They're trying too hard to feed it to the masses that couldn't play the other ones. Once again, I'll say it. Screw them, there are plenty of games for everyone out there, and they're also great, but Ninja Gaiden should not be one of those games.

It also tries way too hard to throw the story in your face when you really don't and won't care about it. Remember the first two with its really short sequences that got to the point? Yeah, I do too...

Oh yeah and it has quick time events... EVERYWHERE... omg, they are all over the place.

Oh well, at least there is this.

P.S. (Wait I have those in this?) I seem to really enjoy coding enemies with partial shields in DT3. Those Spin Bots aren't the only thing with external shields. Also, enemies with full frontal defense, including from melee attacks is a thing in DT3. (Don't forget about those explosive weapons.)


Anonymous said...

All the franchises we know and love have been watered down to reach the widest audience. But the life cycle begins anew in the world of indie gaming. Long live indie gaming! Keep doing what you're doing, ZephyrBurst!

- Peter

ZephyrBurst said...

Yeah, I've found myself sticking mostly to indie games these days, which I'm glad are on the rise.

For Ninja Gaiden 3, it's less that the game is easy, than it is the lack of depth involved. The first two had such an intricate combat system, especially the second. There was a lot to learn and a lot to think about on the fly. It's sad to see that gone. I don't mind simplicity in the systems, I welcome it really. Mario and Zelda keep it simple while staying engaging, for different reasons of course. Ninja Gaiden 3 was simply mindless.

Oh man, as for indie games, have you seen Fez? I really wish the guys behind it would release it on Steam, they would get a ton of sales on there as opposed to just its release on XBLA. :x

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been wanting to play Fez for a looooong time. Glad it's finally out, it's almost surreal.

I heard it's super rewarding if you "look beyond the surface." I'll get right on it, after the DT3 demo of course. :)

- Peter