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A Short Post Based on Something

In DT1, the first shmup segment had the player flying over mountains. (There was also that shmup segment just before the final level.)

In DT2, the shmup segment has the player flying over mountains just before the final level.

DT3's shmup segment has the player flying... well, over mountains, just before... the final level...

Clearly not intentional.


NegativeZeroZ said...

and then you lied the whole time and it's not actually the final level

DarkSonicTrail said...

The cliche is strong in this one.

ano0maly said...

Look at that big tasks remaining countdown go down

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah yes, the countdown.

Slit08 said...

What are the three remaining tasks anyway?

1) SHMUPS level which is done now
2) Gate H
3) That "event" after all Gates if you know what I mean (what you'll do after Gate H)
4) Final Chapter

In this case though wouldn't it be misleading to read this? Because there's still the other optional levels (what was known as Cave Network in the demo), maybe a bit of work on Gate 6 as slaix has once suggested among other changes (maybe Gate D boss, Gate B boss etc.) plus beta testing (though said tasks might fall under beta testing.

So with the Cave Network and beta testing it's like 5 remaining tasks, not 3. :P

ZephyrBurst said...

True, but that 3 is of major things that have to be in the game for it to be fully playable. The rest is technically unnecessary to finish the game, though I would add redoing the Gate D boss on the list because that thing is easily the worst encounter in the game.
The Gate B boss is honestly fine I think in the game's current build. (Aside from a bug I'll be fixing in my polish phase.)
The Gate 6 revamp by Slaix has to go in too, but I didn't count that on the list. But those changes to it are quite hilarious and too great not to do. Those won't take very long though because he was very mindful of the current content and making sure that not too much had to be completely reworked.

The Cave Network could be removed and the game would be just fine without it. It won't be though, but it's not going to be the 3 (originally 4) different labyrinths like initially planned. The game is big enough (and has enough side content) without needing another ginormous side dungeon. Those other locations that were reserved for the other 2 entrances are simply going to be changed to be those hidden maps you've sometimes come across. The entrance that was available is where the Cave Network will stay, but its goal was changed to fit the current game better. Even if I were to completely remove the Cave Network and the 8 Nightmare gates (leaving in the other bits of side content) the game is still bigger than DT1 was.

Not that the size is why I changed what the initial Cave Network was, but still. Content quantity isn't a concern, there's a ton of content.

I shall change that number on the side to reflect all the big pieces though. The number will start to go down much faster anyway. Especially now that the SHMUP segment is finished.

ZephyrBurst said...

The entrance to the Cave Network that was in the demo, that is.

Slit08 said...

Okay, maybe we can talk about that on Skype, as I don't want to spoil too much ehre in the comments, neither do you I guess. ;)