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California is pretty swe... oh right an update

The move went very smoothly, aside from a highway being blocked off and having to find an alternative route, so... yay! The area is awesome! Everything is close by and lively, it helps to live in the middle of the city and not out in the middle of nowhere. Hooray! Oh and the beach is awesome. There are lots of nice restaurants with surprisingly low prices around there too! Lots of things to see and do here!

The G
Which by the way, you just lost! The game is coming along at a fair pace. A lot of new systems, so a lot of debugging this past week. Trying to make things efficient and lag free. And fixing up past areas that lag. (Distortion) Lowered the lag there a bit anyway.

Lots of new mechanics and level obstacles that will make many appearances in later levels.

There's finally music on the title screen. Very out of place music, but then again, when ISN'T something out of place with this game?

Not too much to say right now, I'll probably edit more into this later though. I want to thank everyone again for their comments and feedback, it helped me find a lot of bugs.


CSDragon said...

Y'know, I just noticed something. This game takes most heavily from Megaman, in gameplay style, but we haven't seen a Megaman level yet. Will wee see one soon?

Also: Loving the work man. 99% of the levels are still too hard for me on easy mode, but I'm not discouraged yet! (Freaken' Kirby Special Stage, that platform room was murder!!)

Slaix said...

See, that platform room was easy for me, if only cause I'm far too used to doing that. I think I only died once or twice, and that was cause of stupidity. XD

Although right now, I'm more laughing at the fact that I got you addicted to this game, CSD.

CSDragon said...

Yeah, I tend to end up playing this like Castlvania instead of a platformer so I'm always dieing any time there's a pit :P.

ZephyrBurst said...

Opps, I need to turn on notifications when I get a comment here.

For your Megaman question, there will indeed be one. :) A few things will be changed slightly to fit the game's mechanics, but one thing that will remain unchanged are the 1 hit kill spikes. I won't be too brutal with those though... maybe an optional level? :P

Slaix said...

Because it's you, and you enjoy being a sadist, I have to ask: Does that mean you'll make a Megaman world which doesn't use the spikes brutally as a main level and a brutal bonus level, or just a non-brutal bonus level?

ZephyrBurst said...

I'll make a not-so-brutal Megaman themed level, and then an optional in-your-face Megaman level. Yeah, I'll be sadistic with it. I've had the spike sprite I'll be using for quite some time, just waiting to be used. It's coming up pretty quick.

CSDragon said...

Huff... Huff... finally beat it!
The demo ends in the fortress's 2nd screen right? Yeah, I'm still on easy mode, but I still get hit by every trap so I would die twice as often. :P.

Anyway, eagerly waiting the next demo.