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Sleeping Comfort

I saw something yesterday that reminded me of a thing that happened to me when I was younger, I let you figure out what it was that I saw... And I believe I was 13... WHO KNOWS?! Anyway, during the school-less summer breaks, I would often sleep out on the floor of the living room in a sleeping bag, and fall asleep to TV. It was the only TV that was hooked up to cable. This was also before we had Internet. I know, it's like the dark ages right?

Every morning when I woke up, I'd grab some cereal and watch those morning cartoons... then probably play some video games. SO... one morning was a bit different. I woke up, still a little dazed from my mind not fully aware yet, and I feel something soft and kinda squishy under my right hand. Said hand was roughly 5 inches from my face. I'm wondering, 'Okay, that's different, the carpet nor my sleeping bag are that soft'. At this time, I don't remember what was going through my mind on what it could be. Remember, I was still half asleep. So I angle my hand so I could see what was under there.

There, 5 inches in front of my face, was a mouse. Suddenly my brain fully kicked on and I jumped up and out of that sleeping bag faster than one would think possible. The mouse didn't seem to mind this panic jump as it just laid there. I stared at it for a good few seconds, wondering why this mouse wasn't moving. I figured it was dead. So curious me decides to reach out an index figure toward the little brown mouse. I stopped roughly an inch from it, wondering what I was doing, then dismissed the thought and stroked my finger along its back. It didn't move, then I leaned in a bit and realized it wasn't dead, I could see it breathing.

I pulled back and waited a moment. Then once again decided I had to reach forward and touch it. I decided I was going to gently roll it over and see what happened. My hand was about 3 inches from the mouse when its head suddenly lifts slightly. As if the mouse suddenly realized what was going on, it jets off across the living room floor, under a couch. I realized the mouse must've been in a sleepy stupor much like I am when I first awaken. So far, no other mice have decided that a small gap under my hand would make a nice warm place to sleep, but I await that morning.

I never knew until that day that I was a very comfortable sleeping apparatus.

Those DT1 Updates
Updates for DT1 are going to stop now. As I told my testers, I want to focus fully on DT3 again. DT1 updates will now be reserved for crash bugs once again. It was fun taking a break from DT3 to fix up and add a few features to the previous game, but it is time for me to move on.

The update last night changed the following:
- The player will fully heal when they exit to the map.
- The player will fully heal when on the bottom of the Spire. (This fixes those issues where a player loses midway through a set of floors and has to heal up before going back in.)
- Fixed up a bug where the player would get teleported into a wall in a sequence right at the end of the game.
- Fixed the bug with the timer where you'd lose when it reached 00:01. (This also fixed the issue where it skipped the xx:01 second, technically giving you x seconds extra per minute now.)
- Misc. visual things that people may notice.

Jerry just recovered from a ground dash.

The screenshot above is from a Chapter 7 dungeon that is somewhat of a parallel to DT1's Dusty Ruins. Chapter 7 should be released in mid-early June. Instructions on keeping your previous save data will be with that blog post.

Oh and before I forget, the DT1 music credits are even more complete now. The testers have found a few and even more by a user named 'Sephiko' (Thanks for those). The only track left that is truly unknown is the Spire: DT1 Music Credits
I'm sure a youtube comment on a raocow video will reveal that one.


WhattayaBrian said...

I'm not sure when this exactly happened, but I noticed this when I upgraded to

- Fixed bug where credits music would overlap with load-screen music after the credits were done.

Also, a question. Yesterday I finally finished the Spire on my Veteran run. This kicked my completion up to 100%. Upon beating the game again, the credits were different, even though my grade was still the same (C). Is this just a feature of 100% completion?

As an aside, I'm going through my first Distorted run. Just got to the the Secured Data Segment, and I'm terrified. :(

Fun fact, the hardest bosses so far have been:

1. Metaknight (I could not figure out how to reliably hit him without taking damage, so I ended up killing him with dash-by Mental Insurrections. It was a very slow, and very boring battle.)
2. Demon Cursor
3. X (Spinning blade :( )
4. Necrobane
5. Arrghus (surprised me too!)

This list will undoubtedly inevitably include the Shroud Lord...

I think, once I beat Distorted, I'll do a subsequent run-through as a Let's Play. That'd be entertaining, at least.

ZephyrBurst said...

I recently changed the ending ever so slightly. Some of the dialogue was fixed up and the typos (hopefully all of them) were fixed. The banter during the credits was added in as well.

For Distorted, in your list; bosses 2-4 are usually what give me the most trouble. And of course the Shroud Lord. For the Data Segment, I'm sure you've seen why, but try your best not to get hit by the color wheels. It's a good bar and half of damage on that setting.

Copy X would have to be my favorite boss encounter in DT1, so it might be an optional boss fight in DT3, of course with a lot of changes.

Kurtis Haren said...

I liked the Copy X fight and the Maverick Factory boss battle the best, personally. I really liked the levels where you got to use the Buster Gun as well as all of your special attacks. I don't suppose there's going to be another sequence like that, or the bullet-hell flying sequences (another favorite of mine), in DT3, will there?

I think the only other thing I could comment on is how difficult it is to quickly earn money in the first game. I'm in the Secured Data Segment, trying to scrounge up enough money for the last set of upgrades and some health items to try and get past one of the rooms with the color wheels. (putting a required safe area in a freefall section is just too much. I simply cannot get the timing right)

Since we're on the topic of bosses, I think the other ones that I really enjoyed would have to be Arrghus, because you had to actually use special attacks for the fight to work instead of just rapid-firing normal attacks, and probably the Demon Cursor because of the setting.

I'm kind of curious, since the game is supposed to be a sort of homage to classic games in general, what was the most recent game that you can recall using for a resource? I recall hearing that Jerry's sprite came from a DS game, but I was curious about the rest.

By the way, I absolutely loved getting to hear "Beware the Forest Mushrooms" in one of the levels. That has to be my favorite song ever in a video game!

ZephyrBurst said...

For your question about a Mega Man (or similar) section in DT3, I'll let this screenshot do the talking:
The difference is this ability isn't limited to one level. Once you unlock it, it's usable everywhere. It's not necessarily better than melee attacks though. Ranged weapons have little to no stun and damage types play a huge role in combat, specifically at the mid-point of the game and on.

DT2 has a bullet hell level towards the end and DT3 will have one as well. They're all different. DT1, as you saw, was straight up from Touhou. DT2's flying level was more centered around power ups and being nicer to look at. (It was harder too.) DT3's flying level also comes right at the end, but I won't say how it plays out.

Bosses like Arrghus are more what I'm going for with both bosses and field enemies in DT3. DT1 didn't have all that much variety with enemy behaviors.

As for the references, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I don't even know, but you said 'that I can recall.' Possibly "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia". Though I'm going to cheat somewhat. At times, I reference specific pieces of levels that I've seen in games, even if it's just a single frame worth. There's a floor in the Spire (not sure which one, it has been almost 2 years since that place was made) that is pulled from something I saw in "New Super Mario Bros. Wii".

And for money, I recommend the first fortress map in Metropolis. If you keep your kill chain going, they should start to drop yellow rupees. The higher the chain, the better chance you have at bigger money drops. Another decent map is the last room of Black Rock. Enemies all lined up with no traps or pitfalls and a recharge station close by. Since you're at the Data Segment, you'll be over-leveled for them and can spam Wildfire a few times.

Shade said...

Actually, by far the best way to make money in the first game comes near the end of the game in the Shady Caves, and it's right at the entrance, too. Jump up to where the binary index is and simply wait for the slime below you to duplicate over and over; you just have to dodge/kill the occassional skeletal bird or whatever those things are.
Once your game begins to lag out too bad, simply jump down and kill all of them with fireball, Wave of Awesome or something similar. They'll drop ridiculous amounts of Internetz (purple ones even!), and the doubtlessly absurdly high Hit combo you'll be getting (my record is way beyond 4000) will also cause your Awesome to skyrocket.

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh man, that is an amazing method. Forget my method, do that instead. :P

Kurtis Haren said...

I'll have to give that a try. I'm now stuck at the Shroud Lord, and simply can't beat it. (*shudders*So... many... bullets...)

I've been talking to somebody else who's playing the game, and they like to camp in front of a set of 4 Bullet Bill launchers at Bullet Bill Fort, and use them to build a huge combo. I don't know how it's working for them, because I end up spending an eternity there and not getting much of anything.

I love this game, but it's hard as freaking hell! What the heck were you thinking when you made it?! Do you just have something against your roommates, setting poor Jerry up for constant never-ending death?! :)

WhattayaBrian said...

LOL at that farming method.

Top combo: 29,754

Also, I've noticed that Awesome caps at some relatively low number. I'm consistently getting 6106 exp from the dragon guys in the Shady Caves even though my Exp Bonus has jumped from 100% to 700%! If you ever work on the game again, you should make the display in the pointless records cap too. :P

Alas, I was hoping I could cheese my way to level 64 for Spire/SDS shenanigans.

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh those silly pointless records. Indeed I shall. The cap is 100000 points, which gives 100%. The boost on weekends, difficulty, and the skill tree will bring it over 100% though. (And still count.)

Unknown said...

The Spire music is from Nikujin.
Though no matter how hard I try I can't find an MP3 or anything. :(