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I am wildly confrontational these days. Both online and in the real world, ESPECIALLY in the real world. It's a good thing I wasn't like this when I worked customer service, as people are asses A LOT, and I am liable to point it out to them when I'm like this. People really don't like being called out I've found, which reminds me...

I witnessed something the other day in a parking lot that is both humorous and aggravating. I stopped to talk to a friend real quick who is a cart pusher. Just a quick catch up and such, cause he was on the clock. Just as he goes back to work, he sees something that upset him. So... this guy just wants people to be decent human beings, he doesn't ask much. He can't stand ignorance and laziness. What he witnesses is this guy leaving his cart next to his truck, which tends to happen in parking lots, whatever. However! The man in the truck closes his door and unrolls his window. He then proceeds to dump his trash in the cart, which he has no intention of throwing away himself, then rolls his window up. My friend doesn't put up with shit... ever. He's pretty awesome like that. I'm a bit more apathetic and would have let that go. SO... he walks over to the truck and taps on the man's window, then rolls it down. My friend, who from this point on, will be named Bob. The guy in the truck shall be named Douche.
Bob then says, "Do you want your trash back or should I take care of it?"
Douche bellows out, "I have guys who will take your fucken head off!" I'm standing about 25 ft. away and can hear this guy clearly threaten my friend, even over normal parking lot noises.
Without flinching or missing a beat, Bob replies, "Why not just do it yourself?" Bob then sees the pointlessness in all this and starts to walk away, he's got a job to do.
Douche gets out of his truck. It was at this point that my gut clenched up a bit, Bob would have beat Douche's ass, but still, witnessing a fight can be nasty. Douche then performs the 'come here' hand motion accompanied by a, "Come over here." in an attempted threatening tone. Bob doesn't actually want a fight, so he puts his hand up and says "I've got a job to do." I'm not sure what that company's policies are for things like this, but I'd have vouched for my friend. Luckily Douche gets back in his truck and drives off. I approached my friend one last time before leaving, saying, "Wow, that was special."

People piss me off. Its been a looong time since I've been in a fight luckily. I might be long overdue to vent frustration. Maybe the next time someone robs me at gunpoint, I might have to not only break their arms and legs, but in this state, I might just take the entire appendage... Okay maybe not if they have a gun. I've found I can stay pretty calm even when a gun is being pointed at my face. Fun times. A special tip for anyone who ever finds themselves in that kind of situation. Just do what they say.

So yeah, this is a video game blog
I know, I know. I said I'd stop updating the first game, but people found things that needed to be fixed. One of these was a very very humorous... thing. Which the clever guy who found it has decided to keep it secret for now. I'll reveal this hidden gem in about 1 month from now, unless he makes it public first. It's his discovery so he may do with it as he pleases. (I apologize if said person is actually female, I tend to use male oriented terms till I know otherwise.)

DT3 is moving at a decent pace again, yay! I figured I'd have the Chapter 7 update ready by now, which technically it is, but there's some things which must be fixed up first before I release it.

-Of those, I know of the key issue for Gate B, which has been fixed. For those who have unfortunately run into this bug, Gate B will be available again to you once the Chapter 7 update is up.
-The bomb boost is far more responsive and easier to pull off.
-No screenshots this time, cause I'm mean. :(


ScorpiusG said...

You and your friend were pretty lucky. It's a good thing that Douche didn't suddenly assaults Bob from behind after he said "I've got a job to do." At least that what some of us would normally expect after someone being provoked in that sort of situation.

Also when you encounter these situations, it's best to stay calm and try to move as smoothly as possible, regardless of thoughts of hatred or etc. Just my advice. :)

Kurtis Haren said...

Just came by to download DT2, and thought I'd bring up my thoughts on the first game, now that I FINALLY BEAT THE SHROUD LORD AND FINISHED THE GAME!!!!! (I'm really happy on that, can you tell?)

I admit, I had to cheat the Shroud Lord fight. I used the glitch that one of the people on Raocow's site mentioned to bypass the final phase of the fight and lock him out of the last set of attacks. Still a really difficult fight, though, and I only won through cheesing upwards Wave of Awesome attacks all at once at the end.

I absolutely loved the entire sequence that came afterwards. That was just awesome, and the final boss was a ton of fun to fight. I swear, that was probably one of the best moments in video games that I've ever played through.

I only have one single complaint about the game, and it's a really minor one. The boss arena you can access after finishing the game. I like being able to reset difficulty just to see how each boss plays out. I simply wish that there was an option to keep our endgame stats for the boss arena. I kind of wanted to slaughter early bosses, like the Displaced Cyborg, with my LV 55, highly-upgraded character.

Still, this was an amazing game. You said before that you feel that you've greatly improved as a designer since you made the first game, so I'm really hyped up to continue the series. Here's hoping DT2 doesn't take me as long to play through as the first game. (PC issues included, involving a full hard drive wipe and several months before getting around to restarting from the beginning, I've been struggling through this game for a little over a year and a half or so.)

Shade said...

Now, this might not be the best place to ask, but how is the Shroud Lord even humanly possible to defeat on Distorted? I absolutely cannot beat him no matter what cheap tricks I come up with.
- Hurricane-dashing against a wall? The damage dealt is laughable compared to Wave of Awesome.
- Being as aggressive as possible? Almost works with the Vamp Bead, but the second phase transition almost always kills me simply because it's so hard not to get hit even with liberal spam of Water Barrier and/or Blast Shield, and the damage dealt on Distorted is so high that you can't really afford to get hit.
- Playing defensively? Doesn't work - the hands keep re-appearing, and starting with the third phase (if I even survive the second transition) it just doesn't seem to be very possible to completely avoid getting hit to the point where you could just stall the fight to regain SP and spam Nature's Gift.

I haven't even reached the red HP bar yet.

Is there any way to beat him except by having super-human skill? (Considering I came this far on Distorted while keeping my Death count at 1, I can't be that bad a player in the first place.)
Any tricks? Any particular strategy that works particularly well against him?
No matter how cheap, I'll listen. At this point, I've pretty much given up on beating the Shroud Lord the fair way and just want to see the ending and my hard-earned A rank. I have 100% completion, too, so I have access to any bead I could need.

ZephyrBurst said...

As for exploits, at this point, there are none that I know of. Even if you still have a version with the Hurricane exploit, it doesn't work very well on Hard and Distorted. Due to its defense on that setting, it's probably impossible to lock it out of its 3rd and 4th phase, though you may not even have a version with that exploit either.

You said it yourself, you gotta be a superhuman to pull it off. I had actually released the game before I was able to do it myself. (Technically the Distorted setting should have never existed.)

If you want though, email me and I'll tell you how to drop the difficulty, even on Distorted. There are ways... It may affect the rank a tiny tiny bit. Though if you have '0' deaths, 100% items, it probably won't matter at that point. You'll probably have a huge padding on the A rank.

ZephyrBurst said...

Forgot to give a few tips...

The first phase is super easy, as you've seen. Bring him down about half a bar and then take out the hands. Just before the first transition phase starts, be sure to cripple him and try to get as much damage on him during the laser rotating phase as you can without getting hit. Even 1/6 of the blue bar can be considerable help.

The reason for that is you can take down the second phase without the hands spawning back in if you're fast enough. Their respawn time resets after a transition phase. Use this same thing for the bullet phase, though you won't get much time for that.

For the bullets, keep Blast Shield ready and during the beginning, stay to the sides, close to the lasers. About 5 seconds into it, go to the center where the gaps are, you can actually just stand there during these gaps. After that, the bullets scatter, that part is really just about dodging. Stay to the sides again and keep Blast Shield ready. A trick I use is dashing with a Blast Shield going, it'll clear the way. When the bullets have no gaps, a simple double dash will work. (Ground Dash + Air Dash)

For the third phase with the platforms, just stay on those.
When the heads appear, drop down. When the lasers disappear, go back up. Again, try to cripple him. It's simply any attack when the mouth is open, followed by a full swing. I recommend doing that when he's using the ground fire, not the fireball. If he is using the fireball when you're on a platform, double dash to the other side. If you can do it fast enough, you won't need to deal with the hands before the laser grid.

For the laser grid phase; Get on one of the platforms immediately. Once the ground lasers disappear, get down there and dash through the rotating lasers. The platforms will have lasers going through them. When the inner lasers disappear from those, get on the left one as quick as you can. There's a very short chance to do this. You COULD go to the right platform, but the rotating lasers are going clockwise, which would require you to do some double dashing shenanigans. The next part, he summons a bunch of lasers at specific spots followed by lasers that target you. (Given by a warn.) You'll need to dash into the gaps. (I recommend back dashing since there's a bit more control over that.)

Once that is done, it goes into the 4th phase. The hands automatically respawn here. On Distorted, this is easily the hardest part of the fight. I recommend keeping Zephyr going, since this will get rid of the bombs he fires off for the most part. (Although, Blast Shield will get rid of them too.) Deal with the hands, just get them out of there as fast as you can. When they do their bullet spam, dash to the other side of the room. For the hand laser, just try to keep the Shroud Lord stationary. When he gets to about 7.5% of his HP left, he will no longer take damage if the hands are around.

Some general tips.

On Distorted, never EVER get hit by the fireball, he'll regain about 1 - 1.5 life bars back, depending on your bead/skill setup.

The Shroud Lord is weak to water, with a secondary of wind.
The hands are weak to wind, with a secondary of water.

For beads, I recommend the Spirit Bead, Triforce Bead, and Vamp Bead.
For the 4th, either the Sword Bead or Poison Bead. Poison deals roughly 150 damage over time before it wears off. It may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. The defensive Beads are worthless for this guy on Distorted. Unless you plan on taking lots of hits and healing, it won't matter. The Mage Bead can be decent if you plan on using Piercing Stream for extra damage to the Shroud Lord. This works somewhat well if you use Earth Shift for a lift, though that doesn't work on the last phase once the mid ground laser appears.

Kurtis Haren said...

I left a second comment earlier, but it doesn't seem to have been put up. If it was just something that was removed intentionally, I apologize for re-posting.

I was playing Distorted Travesty 2, and there's a bug where Claire often won't jump when running on a moving platform. I'm stuck on the Plastic Factory level because of this.

I recall reading a long time ago on how you had fixed a similar bug involving jumping and slopes in the first game, and it had only taken one or two lines of code to do it. If the second game uses the same engine, or if they're close enough to the same, do you think you could look into it and see if it's the same bug?

I like the second game pretty well. I admit, it's not as good as the first game, but that's mainly because I'm having to get used to a completely different playing style. I'm used to rushing through an area, and relying on the save points and healing posts to refill HP between rooms. Not having a healing ability, and the lower defense, means that I'm having to get used to slowly navigating each obstacle and resting every chance I get. Too often, I end up rushing in to defeat the next set of enemies, and realizing all too late that I'm out of energy. Not having a standard attack makes a huge difference in how everything has to be approached.

By the way, would you mind answering a story question I have about the first game? If the Darkness created all the game characters in the virtual world in the same manner, then how are there Yoshis and Sonic in Abstracity when the barriers are supposed to keep all of the Darkness's creatures out? Wouldn't it repel the game characters in the same way it repels the dark characters?

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh that bug, what's happening there is you're being pushed down by those sand things from the ceiling. Whenever they push you down when you're on the ground, you'll need to press jump twice. It's a bug haunting those things for whatever reason. One day, when I level up as a programmer, I'll figure out exactly what's happening there.

For the story question, those things I left open to interpretation. For a more forward answer though, they're not tagged as hostile.

Kurtis Haren said...

But, the problem keeps happening even when I'm not being hit by the sand things...

I also found a video on YouTube on DT2, and a section based around the Secured Data Segment... I'm scared, again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zephyr, just curious about one of your earlier comments: "Technically the Distorted setting should have never existed."

What do you mean by that?

- Peter