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Cream Soda

Has nothing to do with anything, except that I still have a bit more.

Today I watched a bird feed her fledgling, which I noticed when it started making noise at its mother, who proceeded to do her thing. Afterwards, she searched the area close by for more food, never getting too far from her fledgling. If she got more than a few feet away, it would follow her anyway, so that was probably less of a concern. The two of them were on the ground next to a tree and some bushes, though there aren't any grounded predators in the area. The fledgling looked like it was about ready to start flying, probably within the next few days, and its wings looked pretty well developed.

DT1 Update
It updated again today. This update fixes that switch bug and has a few minor cosmetic touch ups. The biggest change is to Stalagmite Ruins, where the second room was slightly revamped. That... and a different surprise awaits at the end now. It's goofy, but it's not. Certain LPers will cover it, so... yeah. If you're thinking, no WAY am I going back through that level just to see some changes, you won't have to. :P


Anonymous said...

Yo Zephyr, is there a way to re-open the wall in Windy Slopes in the Windy Caves that's blocking a skill crystal that opens after you defeat the wizard gauntlet? Because I realized too late and went into the next room, then went back and the wall was still there and I couldn't re-fight the gauntlet to re-open the wall :<

ZephyrBurst said...

Yes, it's open forever after the next boss fight. (That's what he meant by 'my treasure' and the 'backtracking'. raocow simply stumbled on the method of getting it 2 rooms earlier.

WhattayaBrian said...

I finally did it.

I beat "Think and act fast."

Level 64, 100% completion, Shroud Lord time.

The first two bars are pretty trivial. The first big sadface is when the hands respawn for the first time in the third phase. I think I need to give up on trying to cripple them and just use the platforms to kill them as fast as possible. Maybe spamming boomerangs would help.

Wind is the shittiest element, and you know it.

WhattayaBrian said...

Would you be willing to divulge low level details about Shroud Lord's hands' mechanics?

That is, I'm curious about the following:

1. Can hands respawn *during* the transition attacks?
2. Is the time during the transition attacks counted towards respawn time?
3. How do the hands' timings affect each other? They always seem to respawn at the same time, so something must be going on there.

Additional question:

1. What happens if you get through another health bar during a transition attack? I've come pretty close during the first one.

My goal here--which I know is possible but I'm curious to what extent--is to only kill the hands twice throughout the fight.

ZephyrBurst said...


1. No they cannot.
2. No, in fact the time is set back at the start of the new phase, even more so for the 3rd phase. Of course they auto-respawn for the 4th.
3. Yes, but to a very very miniscule degree. If one hand has respawned and the other is within 10 seconds of respawning, that time will speed up.
On a side note for the hands. When they're not around, the head attacks just a hair more frequently.

For the other question, it used to bug out the Shroud Lord to where the other phases and transition phases wouldn't activate, but that has been fixed in version... I don't remember. :P

WhattayaBrian said...



I can't believe you made the game easier with this update. It's obvious you're pandering to specific people. Easycore man. Be more mainstream, why don't you.

Etc etc.

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh I see that you want those internet cookies.