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Wrong Doing

Did I already have a post with this title? I can't remember.

The DT3 demo was updated. Had a little issue I found due to the bomb detonation time changing. VIDEO GAMES!! If something can go wrong, it will go wrong... especially if I'm involved.
The drill bots will now continue on after destroying a wrench block instead of stopping. A youtube man pointed that one out to me, which is where I realized the level that used the time sensitive aspect of the bomb was now off. Thanks ShouAmaterasu for that one.


At least one bird is still in the building. I saw her flying around today. The birds I'm talking about are these: Grackles
I find it humorous that the wiki article mentions Austin, TX specifically. There are definitely A LOT of these birds here. The article says their song is harsh. That may be a stretch, it's by no means the most pleasant, but no way would I consider it harsh or annoying. Crickets on the other hand, are annoying, which Grackles eat. Yay!

Anyway, now that demo preparation and such is done, DT3 is moving at a decent pace again.


WhattayaBrian said...

As of the new version, every time I load, the screen is completely black. If I zone, it corrects itself. It may be relevant that I used my old data and did not start anew.

I heartily suggest you X-Buster to shoot on-press instead of on-release. I realize you did it that way so you could charge without firing, but it feels laggy, and not in the spirit of the original games.

ZephyrBurst said...

Will add that to my list of Gate 4 stuffs to do. :3

ZephyrBurst said...

Scratch that. The change has been made. The change felt weird at first because I was so used to the way DT was handling it, but it does feel better this way now.