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Flying Cookies

Edit: (June 21,2012) Got something kinda special and goofy for the next DT1 update. It will make up for some sadness and despair. Smiles are much better than frowns.

Edit: (June 20,2012) Some of you have been loading up save games and then brought to a black screen, which is fixed if you transition to a new room or Game Over yourself. The issue there is coming from the anti-aliasing settings. Using them during play seems to have no issues, it's when loading the save file that seems to be the issue. If you turn your AA setting down to 0 before stopping your play session, the black screen should no longer occur. That's a bleh workaround though. For now, I recommend using the pause menu's Game Over option to fix the black screen if you don't want to screw around with your AA settings all the time. I'll look into a method of stopping that from occurring.

There are still birds, not one, but many, in the building. I found one that had a little nest up in the ceiling of the grocery side of the backroom. She's too high to see if she has any eggs, but she definitely either does or is about to lay them. Another bird has a nest with babies in it on the other side of the store. She's figured out the doors and knows how to get into and out of the store with no problems. I've seen her go out, grab food (crickets) and come right back in. One of the associates has put water into a vase and left it up high, which bird seems to enjoy. Someday an unlucky shopper is going to try tipping that vase to look into it for some reason...

Two days ago, I watched a bird make a nest, of course not the entire time. It was interesting to see her flying and searching for loose strands of grass and foliage that she could use to build it. She'd take a piece or two, go to the nest in progress, and secure it. Without fail, she'd look around from her nest every time before flying out to find more materials. I didn't figure out the reasoning for that. My guess is she was scouting for her next material or making sure nothing got too close to her work. Some of the birds out there get defensive of other birds and will dive bomb them as they fly by if another gets too close. 99% of the time, they're dive bombing a male grackle flying by.

She was constructing that nest all day, I know she had started before I first caught sight of it and was still going at it 6 hours later. An insane amount of work and determination went into crafting that nest. It wasn't perfect and never will be. But when it's finished, it will serve its purpose in the way the creator intended.

DT1 Stuff
I did see the switch bug with raocow's latest DT video. It'll be corrected with the next update that will be released... sometime. Among the changes, I took a second look at that second room in Stalagmite Ruins and did a teeny bit of touching up. A single elemental door was removed and things were spaced out a bit more to give the player more room for error on that section with the spike ceiling. I'm sure someone will complain that it was made easier or that I'm pandering to specific people. Not even going to care about that. :P I'll give an internet cookie to the first person to send me a complaint once the update is live.

The Data Segment is not changing though... not ever.

DT3 Stuff
It lives!! Also the demo may get patched again. I don't know yet. Most of the problems seem to come from Gate 2, most of them are super minor or nit-picky, but issues that I've fixed up nonetheless. They're good concerns regardless of the scale of the issue.

Aside from that, making decent progression on the pew pew levels.

Saw this comic and laughed way way too much. It helps that I do this when drawing.

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Shade said...

"The Data Segment is not changing though... not ever."

The Sentrys are a bit overkill on the high difficulties, but there's Rave Mode for that.
As far as I'm aware, most people complain about "Think and act fast" in particular, and I never really understood why. Out of all the rooms in the Secured Data Segment, it was definitely one of the easier ones as far as I'm concerned - it's pure platforming, and all you need is good timing. You can completely cheese your way through it using healing items, and I didn't even need those in my Distorted run.
The bosses and the final sentry room definitely are far worse.
The Shroud Lord in particular feels like one-and-a-half tiers above the difficulty you're actually playing at. ;/