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Not a Moment Too Soon

Or too late.

So I'm doing all these tasks I had set for myself for the final demo release of DT3, and then something happened... I ran out of these tasks! Somehow I got everything done. (Aside from one sound file needed.) Hooray for prioritizing! Or something.

I'd release it now, but I'm always afraid I overlooked something crazy important, that and I've been super busy during the times that I'm able to talk with the testers, so Wednesday is going to be the release date. If there's any issues that suddenly arise, whether it be from the game or life punching me in the gut, Thursday is the latest. It's all done aside from making sure the entire game doesn't explode on itself due to me just not knowing how to program. (82.44% chance that it's going to be Wednesday.)

I'd have a story to tell to keep with this new story telling gimmick I've got going, well, if you don't count last post. But yeah, my feet are so incredibly tired as I've been on them for the past 4 days, and there are 2 more consecutive days of this particular task. My feet being somewhat sore and very tired totally has to do with my fingers typing up a story.

A short story instead. I was responsible for approximately 4 birds breaking into a store. Birds not being a code word for anything, but actual birds. And by breaking in, I mean flying in. That was pretty fun. Took the workers awhile to catch all the birds from what I heard.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news! Quick question: you mentioned that the demo would have Chapter 7, Gate C, and some of Chapter 8. How far into Chapter 8 will players be able to get in the upcoming demo?

ZephyrBurst said...

Just the intro level, which will take roughly 8-10 minutes, give or take depending on deaths.

What I mean by intro level will make sense when you see it.

Kurtis Haren said...

Speaking of the length of the third game, how many chapters will there be when it's finished? I'm kind of curious just how much of the total game the demo covers.

On an unrelated note, I finally beat the Plastic Factory in the second game! I then made the mistake of considering myself doing well at the game, and am now hopelessly stuck on the next level. (elevator segment. Trying to remember what buttons activate what spells while panicking horribly is difficult.)

ZephyrBurst said...

There are 21. The length of each varies though. For example, chapters 1 and 3 take roughly 10-15 minutes or less. Some, like 4 and 6 take closer to an hour and a half.

Altogether it's looking to be a bit longer than the first game.

And yay on completing that level! For stuff like that, focus on just two spells, it might help.

Anonymous said...

Well Distorted Travesty will consist of 21 chapters, some which are going to be longer and some of which might be shorter (basically, the Gate chapters are going to be pretty long, especially if you consider doing the equivalent extra gate right after the main gate).
Thus the game will be considerably longer than Distorted Travesty 1.

Anonymous said...

Haha Zephyr you just beat me by like 1 second. :P
It's funny though that we both literally wrote the same stuff content wise. xD

WhattayaBrian said...


I made it to the room I hate the most in DT. "Think and act fast."

This was the only room in my first run where I reduced the difficulty. It is simply the most diabolical thing in the entire game.

If there is one thing in the game I consider difficult to the point of frustration, it's that room.

But maybe I'm just missing something about it.

Anonymous said...

It's tough, yeah, but I dunno about it being the hardest thing in the entire game. The Shroud Lord gives that room a run for its money, especially on the higher difficulties.