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Are sometimes extremely uneventful and meaningless.

The Chapter 7 update for DT3 should come soon, especially now that I have fixed up what was bothering me about Gate C.

Other changes that are going to occur in this update are (but not limited to):
- Link's bomb explodes a few frames sooner, (5 to be exact.) and the bomb flash makes it easier to read when it goes off.
- A few minor physics changes to both characters involving run speed, friction, and dash mechanics.
- The cursor in the map menu now starts on the location you're at.
- The first equipment slot is active from the start. If you're using an old save, you will not have those Internetz refunded. :P (The first bottle still has to be bought.)
- Using consumable items will go back to the way DT1 handled them.
- NPC text boxes no longer go off-screen.
- Ability level requirements have been changed and a few abilities have had their power slightly adjusted as well as how much power they gain per level. (If you're using an old save, this will not auto-correct itself, but for the demo, this is not an issue.) The same has been done to AP level requirements. Instead of letting an algorithm handle this, it is all done by hand.
- The boss at the end of Gate 2 was changed a bit. Its attacks aren't so chaotic and has been made a little easier.

The duel at the end of Gate 3 is NOT changing! I can give a tip though.
Never run from him, and try to stay about 3/4 of Claire's hair length away from him. The further the fight goes on, the more he'll try to zone you and the faster he'll be at it. It's up to you to keep up with that. It's not a good idea to go after the health pots at the edges of the room since you'll probably wind up taking more damage trying to get to them. It's better to lead him to the sides and grab them when, and only when, you have a good opening.

Seems appropriate to me!

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