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The Shroud Lord

He's quite a thing. Some time ago, a guy found a really nice exploit for him which... well I'll show you.
Shroud Lord Exploit
This exploit has been fixed for quite some time and Jaimers91, the man who found this, was awesome enough to keep this unlisted.

It was possible to pull that off even on Distorted, though the Shroud Lord had a way of making it hard to do properly.

And... yeah, that's all for now. I'll have another bird story some time in the future.


WhattayaBrian said...

So, wait, was the exploit that Hurricane was hitting so quickly, or that you could kill him during his final transition attack so he would never respawn the hands?

ZephyrBurst said...

His resistance to the Hurricane Dash was boosted by a ton.

Jaimers said...

Eh, don't mention it. The exploit was a bit -too- cheap after all.

And thanks for the bullet hell phase compliment earlier. It's what I do. :V

WhattayaBrian said...

Today I tried to see what would happen if you fail to kill the final boss before, uh, "time" runs out. I was hoping for some hilarious game over. I was saddened. :(

ZephyrBurst said...

That would've been a great place for a unique Game Over message, but sadly I didn't start doing that until the 3rd game.