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A Patch to the Game (1.02)

A new version is out on the side there.
This one I do recommend getting. Not because it fixes broken things, but because it fixes up a few minor grievances that people have had, some of which are in some later chapters. (Though most are early things.)

A feature specifically for Lets Players out there. (Though anyone may use it.) Two actually. One is the ability to turn off the static that occurs when you game over. This should help cut down on those file sizes and your bitrate going all over the place. It replaces that with a nice fade to black instead.

The other is the option to have those map headers appear at the bottom of the screen when you go into a new map. (Off by default.) This is useful for those that play in fullscreen and still want to see the map headers.

The forest level in Gate 2 had no level alterations, but the clues for the last puzzle have better clarity. Nobody really got stuck here, at least no reports of it, but some better info to the player wouldn't hurt for that part.

A new feature (that was supposed to be in version 1.0) where in certain maps, if you die a certain number of times... you might be made fun of more. Or something else may happen. No, it's not assistance in any way, just a little extra fun bit. You'll know what I mean if you happen to trigger one of them. More of those may come in future patches, should they happen.

Also wow, I didn't expect to update the game this much by now. I'd have had this update out sooner, but I was (during 2 days off of work) playing Undertale... for 18 hours. (That's what Steam says anyway.) Also I'm gonna play more of it.


Anonymous said...


Gpremier said...

Thanks alot, just for the header option it was Worth it! I switched in the middle of the game, and now no need for constantly pressing F4 for those hidden comment!

I'm at chapter 14, i'll wait until the game is finished for a final review, but that game already gave me a tons of large grin to my face! I hope it will get the popularity it deserve!

NegativeZeroZ said...

You, you are fast.

Chapter 14 is a favorite, I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Oslash said...
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Oslash said...

i got a game breaking glitch at gate 6
i actually dont know what i did but i entered the castle and i was like "lets see everything else before proceeding" so i loaded the game, i appeared near hometown (not sure if i saved there) but the bird was still at the castle so i got stuck

i had to hack my position with cheat engine in order to advance

Oslash said...

found the cause, when you save in the overworld it saves your last position you exit a place, not your actual position

Gpremier said...

Well, looks like someone is faster! But yeah you weren't kidding when you said the game was huge! And that gate 5 final boss couldn't get more epic if it tried!

Well, i really liked hard corps, so that with the destructible background environnement, it's literaly a blast to play! As for the spider tower just before, i wonder if it's normal that i can't get past the second section yet(third room, must drop, dash and finally double-jump back on the moving platform i guess), i guess there's still some mobility upgrade to find before the game is over.

I'll be careful at gate 6 then!

Kamil said...

I beat chapter 10. It took me few days. Then I started chapter 11 and finished it in
5 minutes!!! Is is supposed to be a joke?

ZephyrBurst said...

pablo, the game tells you that you can summon the bird with Action B. :P

Anonymous said...

There is a bug in some nightmare gates with the bosses and other places, if you are playing in standard mode and you lost, if you change to assist mode, sometimes you can´t get the items. Then if you come back in standard mode you can catch them is weird this bug sometimes in some areas (i dont want to spoiler haha) or after bosses. It happens more with nightmare bosses than in levels.
Sorry for my bad english, my language is the spanish hehe.

Kamil said...

That's not a bug. That's how assist mode works.

But there is a mistake in a description about controls in Gate 5 in room [G5-1F]: there should be Action C instead Action B button.

ZephyrBurst said...

Yay typos. That one is probably something that wasn't corrected after a change. Anomaly would have caught that had I given him more time.

Also you used the map tag properly. Thank you for that.

Also holy balls you guys are really far.

When I get back home I will take a look at this stuff and maybe add an on-screen thingie while in that area where pablo thought there was a bug. I can see how someone could skip over/forget about that detail.

Oslash said...

so i hacked the game for nothing? now i feel stupid, but its weird, i remember mashing all the buttons in frustration when i thought i broke my save, i didnt skip anything but dont remember the game telling about it either, so i guess i forgot

oh yeah another minor bug i found is that on nightmare gate E, the dash energy will still be regenerating while on the pause menu

btw those equipment slots unlocks by themselves or i have to do something
on a sightly related question im hunting the cursed gear, already found the helmet and the ring, any hint of where is the third one? it is inside a gate?

ZephyrBurst said...

Kamil, that description was correct. It was mentioning the slow down feature.

Kamil said...

So the description was correct, huh? I didn't had really time to read it at the moment, so don't really know what was it about. I thought it's a reminder of ccontrols.

Looks like the Virus dealed big damage in Gate 5 cause I found 2 bugs:

1. Missiles - are presented as special weapon, but I believe they should be explosive weapon. In every Metroid game they are explosive with additional ice in Fusion. Also their explosion looks a lot the same like bombs and missiles from the enemies from Gate 4.

2. Spazer - this weapon is broken. Not only deals the same damage like the normal bullet. It works more like bigger version of bullet. But also if even 1 beam will meat a wall then the other two also stopping there. Shooting through a little gaps is impossible. So this weapon is more an obstacle than something good. It reminds me wave beam from Metroid 2. While it was stronger weapon and goes through walls wave beam many time didn't hurt enemies or destroy blocks even if it goes through them. It was so broken weapon.

Also I have a request: Could you give option to enter morph ball by tapping DOWN arrow twice too. Preety please.

ano0maly said...

1) The bombs are the explosion type. The missiles are set to special to achieve balance among weapon types. Really, the weapons sets may be based on characters from series such as Metroid, but as you play the game, I think you would consider them more as Jerry's and Claire's abilities rather than those characters'.

2) I'm pretty sure that the spazer can shoot through a one-block gap if you don't charge it. It's basically meant to increase the hitbox of your beam, and I think that the hitbox for hitting enemies is bigger than the hitbox for wall collision. A handy consequence of this is that the beam can surf through walls and floors if you charge it and aim correctly.

I've initially considered double tapping to morph as an option to suggest, but it wouldn't work as well as it does in Metroid games because in those games, you stay ducked when you tap down, without having to hold it. This would just become an annoying quirk you would want to turn off, similar to double-tap dashing in Megaman games.

SefiCompacto said...

Im in chapter 14 and im just gonna say im loving this game so fucking much. Zephyr and all the testers who helped, you guys are awesome. Also NZZ i loved your little story at the end of gate 5.

ZephyrBurst said...

Chapter 14 is pretty great. It's a favorite among the testers. Definitely NZZ's as he said up about 15 posts ago. All the pew pew and the burning.

Cyn said...

Okay, wow. The game was definitely worth the wait, and its great to see how far things have come, all the way from DT1 through to this.

I've just gathered my thoughts after clearing the game through, and... That was certainly one way to close out the series. It did feel somewhat like the last few big fights could have done with a bit more work as far as readability was concerned (having to keep in mind a half dozen different hp markers for changing attacks was sort of a pain on the last boss when perhaps the desperations could have been used as pseudo 'phase markers'?), but it didn't detract from the setpieces or the enjoyment of the encounters (it did add another few hundred failed attempts to my record, though.)

I may write up a proper review of things, but more likely I'd get in contact with you directly with it if I did, as opposed to posting it here. All in all, though, I can see the effort and the care that has gone into the project, and it has definitely paid off. A great game all around, and I'm eager to see what you do next. I suspect some of your ideas have already been experimented with in this game, actually, and we may see one of them in a more fleshed out form.

As for the comment about cursed gear, they're all in the overworld, although some are hidden more fiendishly than others. Good luck with finding them, they're worth figuring out.

NegativeZeroZ said...

Glad to see that somebody enjoyed that bit enough to leave a comment on the blog about it. As the story itself might suggest, I debated including it at all, but that particular level just seemed to beg for something more serious than my idle quips in Gate 4/D/E. That and I just wasn't clever enough to come up with something funny for an area with that kind of mood. :P

Anonymous said...

does the one skill that increases exp increase for AP or for "other" exp? i can't tell from the skill description.
[end spoiler]

ZephyrBurst said...

Just the other.

And really glad you enjoyed it enough to play it all. Looking forward to you write up if you decide to do so.
I'm curious what your item% and play time were at the end of the game.

Anonymous said...

Later on in the game, the game tells you you can get a bottle. but if you actually get it then you get an equipment slot

Kamil said...

Heck, all this time I thought I was doing Chapter 12 and just now noticed that it was
Chapter 13. Anyway, I can say that last form of last boss was funny. How many wierd things I tried there, you will never know. But I didn't really liked this Gate. It's hard to explain (even I really don't undestand this) but I didn't like it.

Also I noticed wierd thing during while I was on Mother Brain: just before boss I used Turbo Smoothie, then died. After respawn in the boss battle I got Turbo Smoothie that earlier I used. I don't know if it's bug or some exploit but after getting to the boss battle checkpoint game should remember that I used healing item, isn't it?

ZephyrBurst said...

If you die on a map after using a healing item and don't make it to the end of it, you get the item back. Reason: It's shitty using a healing item and then dropping down a pit.

Steve said...

I've made a huge mistake ;_________;

I managed to make it through, but the trip back is a nightmare. I managed to complete gate 6 yesterday and am now backtracking for all the goodies trying to get 100% items. Some are hidden super well and its tough but I'm like a couple items away in most worlds of getting 100%. Time to continue trying to get myself out of this mess I got myself into.

NegativeZeroZ said...

Oh man, somebody really did that.

The return trip is definitely possible (I've done this too), but you're probably better off shooting Zephyr an email, he can edit your save to put you at the door on the other side.

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh geez. Someone actually did the thing that they shouldn't do. I suppose I should put up a return pipe.

That said, until then, definitely send an email and I'll tell you how to start yourself not at that door.

Also, I find the situation you got yourself into pretty humorous. :P

Anonymous said...

I got this error in NightmareG4 and the game crashed.
action number 1
of Collision Event with object oJCGameBladeStrike
for object oDamagableBase:

In script takeDamage:
In script enemyDefeat:
In script enemyQuest:
Error in code at line 11:
at position 4: Unknown variable enemyCount

Kamil said...

Look, ZephyrBurst. My point is that if you go to the next checkpoint game usually remember that I used healing item unless I load a previous save. After dying on the boss I have option to start from the checkpoint and that's start of a boss fight. Plus I saved the game so there was no returning point. But still dying after next checkpoint give me back used item after previous checkpoint and before the next one. I'm not talking about using item, get stuff, beat encaunters, die and return to the previous checkpoint. I'm talking about losing item before next checkpoint, activating next checkpoint, dying and starting with lost item from new checkpoint. Or maybe boss battles aren't the same checkpoint like checkpoints outside boss battles.

I hope that somebody will understand this. Oh, and sorry for a wall of text.

ZephyrBurst said...

Yeah, that encounter you're talking about is a one of kind thing in the game. The rule on item usage is that it's only permanent when you leave the map through an exit that isn't death.

Kamil said...

Okay, I have decided to precise why I didn't like Gate 5:

1. Spazer - it's annoying that it can't goes through little gaps ( I checked that). Another thing is that if I go close to wall and shoot up I will shoot in the wall (this work also with first gun).

Also a suggestion: in skill Cooldown is beam shot. At first I thought later I will get plasma. Our gun is called arm cannon and shoots bullets afterall. So could you change beam shot into arm cannon shot for a future generations?

2. Many copy - paste levels with just a few changes.

3. Mixing graphic from Zero Mission and Fusion. Fusion graphic is more detailed like underwater world. Zero Mission graphic was preety boring.

4. If the enemy is messing with Gate then you expect him to appear more frequently than at the beggining and end of Gate. I thought he just forgot about us.

Usually I like Metroid games but this gate was quite weak. On the other hand I hate Megaman games and I think Megaman Gate was great.

Anonymous said...

I get to chapter 20 that boss battle in the low route (I dont want to spoiler) in there is very hard i think the shroud lord is more easy than him maybe. I almost get all upgrades except i dont know how to unlock the 3rd Slot Equipment (I want to try that curse thing but i cant for this). Good Luck with that to all haha.

Oslash said...

i also need to know how to unlock the third equipment slot
i finished the game already but i want to try those challenges
also... theres a way to return to neo grime city underground? im missing a collectible and just making sure it isnt there

Dessa said...

Am I the only one that's finding every boss somewhere between a bit too and way too hard? I know I'm not that bad at video games, but damn, there are parts where I just accept that I will be hit at least once and at most die every time the sequence starts. That Zombie is fun up until he drops in from the ceiling and the rave starts, then it's just HOLD ON AND HOPE IT ENDS SOON BECAUSE NOWHERE IS SAFE.

I can't tell you how many boss fights are just wars of attrition where the only effective strategy is beat him so hard in his weak phase, while avoiding taking even a single hit, just so I only have to see that hard-final phase briefly -- just long enough to leave me with a quarter heart... Aft 50-100 tries.

Which is weird because the stages are hard, but not ball-crushers. WHY ZEPHYR. WHY. I really like how clever some of these boss fights are designed, but there's always a part where I'm like "this is some mario maker BULLSHIT." If this game wasn't so awesome in general, I wouldn't put up with that, but this really is a great game.

Oslash said...

found the third equipment slot
i didnt buy it at first because it says its a bottle (yeah by that point i still didnt bought the second bottle) i think you patched this already

ZephyrBurst said...

Yep, it did display that it was a bottle. The way bottles and equipment slots were bought was changed pretty late. That's what I get for not looking at that other slot. It's in gate 6, btw.

There's a couple little fixes coming in the next update, which should come... in a few days? I don't want to send out a bazillion updates all the time, so I'm packing them all together in a bigger one.

lordalexander74 said...

Nice touch with the binary text in the 2nd to last stage in the Mega Man gate. I can't be the only one who translated it.

Kamil said...

I got to the Gate 6 and it looks awesome. I have the feeling that this place will become my favorite. Also a question: why I'm getting random number of exp from the enemies. From blue slimes I can get 18, 19 or 21 EXP. And I'm not using boosting EXP skills at the moment.

One more thing and that's definitely a bug: in the boss room in Fire Temple (G6FireE) if I go left to the previous room it teleport me to the next room (G6FireF). So basically I can skip the boss.

Anonymous said...

Man, the boss from gate 2 (Zelda 2) on my opinion is impossible, there is any equipment/way to do it? or some secret? or some way to make it easier? (I already played on assist mode)

lordalexander74 said...

I just spent the last 10 minutes attempting to walljump outside of the Mega Man gate... Gonna take some getting used to

lordalexander74 said...

"A trap filled tower..." mandatory this time apparently. Will explore tomorrow. Also, will it be possible to get into the B side of said tower eventually? Note says it'll be added at a later date, wondering if that's still true.

Gpremier said...

I found a crashing bug : In chapter 19, in the ruins, when fighhting the spiderbot in the room without ceiling, i had claire with the 'auto super-missile' Equipment, allowing me to defeat it a few frame after he started inverting gravity. It gave me an error¨that looks like 'ochaos spiderbot.y ­smaller or equal than 64 : unknown variable y

I break the game! I hope there's an achievment for this!

Gpremier said...

Oh, and i did it tiwce in a row, so it wasn't random.

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah that, I'll fix that.

NegativeZeroZ said...

I'm almost disappointed that I wasn't the one to find that, but then again, Rail Gun wasn't in the game yet, and I'm not one to pass up a freebie.

lordalexander74 said...

Can someone give me a hint for the 4th floor of the bubble tower? I tried plenty of times. That grey lock seems useless, the only way Claire can hit the switch behind it is with her holy water. I can't seem to get both characters to the top without getting stuck behind those red/blue toggleable walls, and I can't figure out how to hit the blue/red LTTP switches to get Jerry to the top.

The solution's probably gonna be one of those obvious things that I'm gonna hate myself for missing.

Anonymous said...

> The solution's probably gonna be one of those obvious things that I'm gonna hate myself for missing.

Use the monsters in the room to help you out.

Sheba said...

Wow, people already finished the game... and here I am, stuck since 10 hours of gametime (so one third of my current total of thirty hours) trying to do that wall jumping in the last stage of Gate 4 where the walls get narrower. I am obviously the best at jumping... still, can't believe I actually managed to get through stages four and five of Gate 4 with so much frustration and cursing just to now get completely stuck because of a wall. It's sad and hilarious at the same time! (And also very expected since I fail at walljumping.)

Good job everyone who already beat the game! Maybe I will join you one day! :P

Dessa said...

Anonymous, which boss specifically is it you're having trouble with? There are like 6 bosses in gate 2.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a sound, some kind of "thump", that played when the player lands on the ground following a jump, fall, etc. I am dying a lot due to pressing Jump too early after having thought that Jerry/Claire is touching the ground yet they are not.

I noticed that the wind in the starry skies map keeps pushing you for about 1 second after the corresponding visual wind effect has disappeared.

Anonymous said...

> I noticed that the wind in the starry skies map keeps pushing you for about 1 second after the corresponding visual wind effect has disappeared.

Sorry, this is a wrong analysis. If you are hanging on to one of those mega man hooks while the wind finishes blowing then it seems when you get off of the hook you will be blown in the direction of the wind even if you get off after the wind has stopped blowing.

Gpremier said...

Another found bug : chapter 19, in a 'race' against the warmaster, i failed the first time on the first part...when i retry, warmaster miss the first jump and get made the race easy...almost! As when i get to the end of the second part, warmaster isn't there so the white door won't open...forcing me to retry the second part(where warmaster works right)...almost like the game auto-repaired itself, preventing me from getting a too easy win!

Anonymous said...

Chapter 18 is too damn long and tedious... I hope the remainder of the game is not like this.